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20 tenths

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Q: What is 1 and 2 tenths more than 8 tenths?
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Related questions

What fraction is more than 2 tenths?

Nine tenths.

What is 2 tenths more than 2.454?


What is one tenth more than one and nine tenths?

1 and 9/10 + 1/10 = 2

By how many tenths is a fifth less than 7 tenths?

A fifth is 2 tenths, which is 5 tenths (or one half) less than 7 tenths: 7/10-1/5=7/10-2/10=5/10=1/2

What is 6 hundredths more than 7.124?

7.184 the 1 is tenths the 2 is hundredths the 4 is thousandths

What number is three tenths more than 2?


Which is more 2 third or 7 tenths?

7/10 is more than 2/3

How many more brownies are three tenths than one fifth?

1/5 = 2/10, so the answer is 1/10.

Is 2 tenths larger than 1 third?

No. Two tenths is 20%. One third is 33 1/3%

Is 7 tenths closer to 2?

0.7 is closer to 1 than it is to 2.

What is greater than fouth tenths?

5/10 which is 1/2

What is 2 tenths more than 7.1?

7.3, a tenth is the place right after the decimal. ex: 3."1"41592653

What is largest 2 tenths or 10 hundredths?

2 tenths, because converted, that would be 20 hundredths which is more than 10 hundredths.

What is 2 tenths less than 2.598?

2 tenths less than 2.598 is 2.398.

Is 1.1034 greater than 1.200?

No, it's less than. The number in the tenths place (1) is less than the 2 in the tenths place of the second number.

Is 1 half bigger then 7 tenths?

no a half is five tenths 1/2 = 5/10 which is less than 7/10.

What is 2 and 4 tenths more than 1.411?

3.811 = 1.411 + 2.4

Is 1 half greater than 3 tenths?

yes 1/2 = 5/10

Which is bigger 16.1 or 16.02?

16.1 is larger cause if the 1 is in the tenths then it has a larger value and 2 which is in the hundredths is a smaller value remember tenths are larger behind the decimal and more than tenths is a smaller value behind the decimal

How do you shade more than two tenths but less than one tenths?

You can't, it's impossible. Unless you worded your questions wrong. If you want a fraction greater than 1/10 but less than 2/10, 3/20 works.

Why is 4 tenths and 2 hundredths greater than 2 tenths and 4 hundredths explain?

because four tenths is two times larger than two tenths

Is 1 quarter plus 2 tenths more or less than a half?

Convert it all to real decimal numbers is 1/4 (=0.25) plus 2/10 (=0.2) ((which comes to 0.45)) more or less than 1/2 (=0.5) well it is less isn't it!.

What number is three tenths more than two?

2 and 3/10 2.3

How many tenths in 1 over 2?

Five tenths

How many tenths are there in 2 and 1 half?

25 tenths.