What is 1 degree divided into?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is 1 degree divided into?
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If a circle is divided into 360 equal parts what is the degree measure of the 360 angles?

A circle is divided into 360° and each of them is 1° ■

If a circle is divided into 360 equal parts what is the degree measure of each of the 360 angles?


A degree is divided into 60 parts called?

Degrees are divided into minutes. Minutes are divided into seconds. Degrees, minutes and seconds.Every degree is divided into 60 minutes.

What degree does tan equal square root 3 divided by 3?


One degree of longitude equals how many seconds?

For every degree of longitude, is divided into 60 minutes. Each minute is then divided into 60 seconds. Since 1 degree equals 60 nautical miles. Then 1 minute equals 1 nautical mile Then 1 second equals approximately 35 yards across.

What is the meaning of arc second?

A minute of arc [See Link] or arcminute (MOA) is a unit of angular measurement, equal to one sixtieth (1/60) of one degree. Since one degree is defined as one three hundred sixtieth (1/360) of a circle, 1 minute of arc is 1/21,600 of the amount of arc in a closed circle.There are 148,510,800 square arcminutes in a complete sphere.A circle is 360 degrees.A degree is a circle divided into 60 equal parts.An arcsec is a degree divided into 60 equal parts.

Why 1degree of a circle is again divided into 60 equal parts?


How many minutes are in one degree of arc?

1 degree = 60 minutes 1 minute = 60 seconds In other words, degrees are traditionally divided into smaller units just the same way as hours.

How do you divide unknown polynomials?

more info: An unknown polynomial f(x) of degree million yields a remainder of 1 when divided by x - 1, a remainder of 3 when divided by x - 3, a remainder of 21 when divided by x - 5. Find the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x - 1)(x - 3)(x - 5).

What is each degree of latitude divided into?

minutes and seconds

How did the formula of degree celsius was drived?

Celsius called the freezing point of water 0 and the boiling point 100, then divided the scale into 100 equal parts to represent 1 degree change in temperature

Space between 2 degrees of longitude is divided into what?

it is deided by 467 then by 7 and timsed by 2