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1/4 th of a kilometer is 250m or .25km

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Q: What is 1 fourth of a kilo meter?
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How many feet in a kilo meter?

1 kilo meter = 3280.8333 feet

How many kilo meters in one meter?

1 meter = 0.001 kilometers

How many kilo meter in a yard?

0.0009144 km As 1 yard = 0.9144 meter and 1 km = 1000 meter

Is 1000 meters equal to 1 kilo meter?

Yes it is - the prefix 'kilo' means thousand.

How do you work out how many meter in 1 half kilo?

If you mean kilometer for the term 'kilo', then 1 kilometer = 1000 meters. So 1 half kilo = 500 meters.

81 mils kilo in cars?

81 mils=kilo meter 81 mils=kilo meter

Is a meter bigger than a km?

The prefix kilo means 1000. So if you have a Kilo Meter you have 1000 meters. A kilo meter is bigger then just one meter

What is three fourth of four ninths kilograms?

1/3 kilo

How many millameters are in kilo meter?

1 kilometre = 1000000 millimetres.

1 kilo meter equals how many meters?


How many kilo liters are there in a cubic meter?

1 cubic metre = 1 kilolitre

How many square meters equal 1 square kilometer?

1.000.000 sq meters (1 kilo meter=1000meters) kilo being 1000