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Q: What is 1 million rupees equal in American dollars?
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5.2 million American dollars equal to Indian rupees?

Five rupee twenty paise.

300 crore is equal to how much in American dollars?

Given crore on its own is not a currency anywhere, I am assuming that you mean crore Rupees which equals ten million rupees. Rupees are the currency of India. So 300 crore Rupees is 65189030.50 USD.

How much Indian rupees is equal to 400 million dollar?

As on Nov 21, 2009, 400 million U.S. dollars is equal to 18.65 billion Indian Rupees.

1 million rupees is equal to how many rupees?

1 million rupees is exactly equal to 1 million rupees.

How many dollars equal to 150 core rupees?

1 crore is equivalent to about 10 million rupees, so in Canadian currency if 1 dollar is 40 rupees, then 250,000 Canadian is equal to one crore. 37.5 million dollars is about 150 crore.

How much Indian rupees is equal to 6 million dollars?

20 Crores

To how many Indian rupees is 499.95 dollars equal to?

One American dollar has an equivalent value to 60.85 Indian rupees. Therefore, 499.95 American dollars is equivalent to 30,421.96 Indian rupees.

100 million dollars is equal to how many Indian rupees?

$100 million US dollars is equal to 6,093,000,000 Indian Rupees. Currency conversion changes daily, so it's best to check the current conversion rates. As of September 2014, $1 USD is equal to 61 Indian Rupees.

How many dollars equal to one million rupees?

30,000 AUD(Australian Dollars) or 23,393.64 USD (US Dollars)

How much Indian rupees is equal to 150 million dollars?

Its Around 750,00,00,000 INR

How many dollars is a million rupees?

1,000,000 INR is equal to 22,114.9 USD. This conversion was to American Dollars. If you wanted it converted to another currency, go to:

23 million dollars is equal to how many rupees?

23*1000000*56+ 1,28,80,00,000