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1% is the same as 0.01 and 0.01*1,000,000,000 = $10,000,000

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Q: What is 1 of one billion dollars?
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How much is one billion dollars in euro?

For 1 billion euros you need 1.5 billion dollars. For 1 billion dollars you need 0.666 billion euros.

How much did World War 1 cost the US?

1 billion dollars *Actually, World War I cost $338 Billion Dollars. Sorry, but you aren't Dr.Evil. "I want one billion dollars!!"

What is one-half of one percent of 1 billion dollars?

5 million dollars

What is 1 billion dollars divided by 365?


How many million dollars is equal to 1 billion dollars?

One thousand millions equals one billion.

How much does a billion dollars weigh?

One billion dollars in one dollar ($1) bills weighs approximately 35,273,368.6 ounces (2,204,585.54 pounds).

What is one fifth of 1 percent of a billion dollars?

It is 2 million dollars.

What one fifth of 1 billion dollars?

$200,000,000 that is 200 million dollars.

What is one half of a billion dollars?

One half of one billion dollars is 500,000,000 dollars.

What 20 USA companies were the fastest to make 1 billion dollars?

FedEx is in there as one of the fastest to $1 Billion.

Would1 billion dollars be more than 1 million dollars?

Yes, 1 billion dollars is $1,000,000,000. 1 million dollars is $1,000,000.

How many dollars are there in a billion dollars?

1 billion or 1000000000

How many millions of dollars in a billion of euros?

1 billion euros=1.3257 billion dollars = 1,325.7 million dollars (one thosand three hundred twenty five point seven million dollars)

1 billion dollars is how much million dollars?

1 billion is 1000 milllion

How many dollars does 1 billion pennies equal?

One billion pennies is the equivalent to ten million (United States) dollars.

What is one tenth of 1 billion dollars?

100 million

How much is a 14ft burmese python worth?

1 billion dollars 1 billion dollars

1 billion dollars equals to how many rupees?

1 billion dollars = 45651380057.5 rupees

What is 1 percent of 18 billion dollars?

$180,000,000 (one hundred eighty million dollars)

What is two per cent of a billion dollars?

2% of 1 billion = 1 billion * 2/100 = 20 million dollars.

What is one half percent of 862 billion dollars?

1/2 percent of $862 billion = $4310000000

How rich is john bushman in odessa tx?

one billion dollars

What is difference between a British million and an American billion?

In Great Britain one billion dollars is one million million dollars. In the United States of America one billion dollars is one thousand million dollars.

How many dollars make 1 billion?

10 Million Dollara makes 1 Billion Dollars

How many dollars are in 1 billion pennys?

1 billion pennies (not pennys) = 10 million dollars.