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One psi (pounds per square inch) is 27.7 inches of water.

An inch of water is a unit of pressure which will raise water one inch. A cubic inch of water weighs 0.0361 pounds, so one psi is one over 0.0361 or 27.7 inches of water.

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Q: What is 1 psi converted into inches of water?
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How many inches of water column is in 1 psi?

27.71 inches of water column equals 1 psi

Inches of water 68 degrees f equals 1 psi?

27.7 "h2o

Converting 30.0 inches of mercury to psi?

30 inches of mercury = 14.73 psi (1 inch of mercury = 0.491 psi So, 30 x 0.491 = 14.73).

What is 4 inches water column converted to millibar?

1 in of water is equal to 2.49082 mBar. Just multiply by 4

What is the water pressure at 5000 feet deep sea water?

27.69" of water per 1 PSI 2.307 ft of water per 1 PSI 5000/2.307 = 2167 PSI

What is 151 feet 1 inches converted in to inches?

151 feet and 1 inch is 1,813 inches.

What is centimeters converted to inches?

1 centimeter equates to 0.393701 inches.

How are inches converted to centimeters?

Inches x 2.54 = 1 centimeter

What is 18 inches converted to feet and inches?

18 inches is 1 foot 6 inches.

If 1 equals 6 inches then what is 1.9 converted into inches?

If 1 = 6... then 1.9 = 11.4

What is 14inches converted to feet?

14 inches is 1 foot and 2 inches.

What is 50.5 cm converted in to feet and inches?

1 foot 7.8 inches.

What is 2.54 cm converted into inches?

1 inch

What is 250000cm converted to Inches?

250,000 cm = 98,425.197 inches 1 cm = 0.3937 inches

How many psi equals 1 inch water column?

one inch of water column = .0361 psi.

How high should the water tank be to provide a 60 psi at base of this water tower?

138.60ft 2.31ft of water= 1 psi

What is 19 inches converted into ft and inches?

1 foot = 12 inches 19 = 12 + 7 Answer: 1 foot 7 inches

1 meter 63 centimeters converted to inches?

1 m 63 cm is about 64.17 inches.

How many inches of mercury column is in 1 psi?

About 2 1 pound per square inch = 2.0362... inches of mercury

What is 6.7 centirmeters converted to inches?

6.7 centimeters is about 2.64 inches. (1 centimeter is ~0.39 inches)

What is 50cm converted into feet and inches?

50cm converts to 1 foot 7.7 inches.

How many psi do 1 gallon of water create?

It all depends upon the shape of the container that it is in. For example, if the water weighs 8 lbs per gallon, then the water at the bottom of a container that is a vertical pipe with cross sectional area of 1 square inch will exert a pressure of 8 psi. However, if the water is in a vertical pipe with cross sectional area of 8 square inches, then the pressure at the bottom of the pipe will be only 1 psi.

What is residential natural gas pressure?

The pressure in a residence after the gas meter is 5-7 w.c. (inches of water column)or 0.18 PSI to 0.25 PSIThe conversion rate is 1 inAq = .036126 psi

What is 192cm converted to feet and inches?

1 ft. 8 in.

What is 1 foot 11 inches converted into cm?

1 foot 11 inches converts to 58.42 cm