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Remembering to abide by the rules of BODMAS, whereby the multiplication and division sums are carried out before the addition and subtraction sums:

((1 x 2) + 12) - (4 / 2) = 2 + 12 - 2 = 12.

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Q: What is 1 times 2 add 12 take away 4 divide by 2?
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What is the sum of 19 times 3 add one-third of it add 64 divide it by 20 times itself add three-seventh of it divide it by 5 times 11 take away 39?

the answer to this is 140/250 or 0.56

What terms do you use today for arithmetic?

Add, subtract, multiply, divide, sum, minus, times, go into, total, take away, compound, divisible

What is 2 add 2 times 2 take away 2 divide by 2 add 2 times 2 take away 2 divide by 2 add 2 times 2 equals?

The answer is six or eight depending on how you did the last step..... i just did it theres only one way to da it and i got 8 the answer is 8 Well like it says there is TWO ways two do it, so basically 8 and 6 are both correct

Why were calculators invented?

The calculator was invented because it helps people to add quickly. The calculator can help someone to divide, add, take-away or square root.

What does the square root of 68 equal if you times it by 6 then add 8 then take away 12 and then multiply it by 17 then add 18 then take away the square root of 49 then add 9 minus 21 then add6 equal?


How do you make fourteen using the four fours?

fourteen take away four and then add a four and times by (2 times 4)

Does product mean take away or add?

take away it is deacreasing

How To Work Out Percentages?

To work out 10%, just divide it by 10. To work out 1%, just divide it by 100. To work out 16%, just A) Work out 10% (divide by 10), then work out 6% (divide by 100, times by 6) and add the two together B) Divide by 100, times the result by 16.This applies for all numbers. To work out 90%, just A) Work out 10% and take it away B) Divide by 100, times the result by 90 C) Work out 10%, times by 9.

How do you get 37 using five fives?

Well 185 divided by 5 equals 37 So if you take 5 and times it by itself you get 25 Take 25 and times it by 5 you get 125 Take 125 and add 5 to it 12 times you get 185 Divide 185 by 5 and you get 37!

Does a credit add to or take away from a contra asset account?

A credit would take away.

What are the properties of nitrogen so that it is filled in electric bulbs?

The correct chemistry answer is very tricky. But here it is: Take away the amount of positive gas the atom holds by how much negative has when you take one atom away. Applying to the correct co-ordinates you should be on your nitrogen neon and sen on. Multiply neon's gas times 5, divide your answer by 23489, and add sen on 's multiplities times 5 and you got your answer.

Does evaporation add or take away energy?

it takes away really

What math skill is used as a zoo keeper?

Add minus times divide

How do you average two stopwatch times?

Add them together and divide the total in half.

How do you change 1 into 10 into a percent?

Take 1 divide it by 100, then add the result to itself 10 times (0.01x10=0.1) 0.1 is 10% of 1

What are numeracy skills?

it's like an add take away multiple and divide and lots another things and we are call in it skills . and it's numeracy so we are call in it numeracy skills.

What does a take away sign means in algebra?

There is no "take away" sign in Algebra, you can only add, subtract, multiply, and divide each side to convert the numbers to 1. You can't just take away one number from the equation, or it is wrong. But if you mean the subtracting sign, it is a dash like this: - (4 - 2 = 2)

How do you add a percent to a dollar amount?

Multiply the percent times the dollar amount, then divide by 100. Add that amount to the dollar amount. For example: Add 15% to $1500. Multiply 15x1500 to get 22500. Then divide by 100 to get 225. Add the 225 to 1500 to get $1725.

What is five divide by five add two times three?

1 + 6 = 7

What do you do if there is two medians?

Take the average of the medians -- Add together, then divide by two.

Math card trick?

First you would have to figure out away to add, multiply, divide, or subtract your answers

Divide times add subtract are called what?

Operations, or more precisely, binary mathematical operations

How do you change a remainder into a fraction?

you first add the remainder 5 times by itself. then you divide the answer and tehn you get it

How do you add to 36 without using 3 or 6?

Add 40 and then take away 4.

Increase means to multiply or add?

Increase means ''add'' and decrease means ''take away''

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