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1 = 4/4 - 3/4 = 1/4

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Q: What is 1 whole minus three fourths show work?
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Which integer represents a loss of 300 points on a game show?

-300. Like negative three hundred, or minus three hundred. Because when you lose you subtract. (or "minus")

Does ten and three fourths show direct variation?

No. Direct variation describes a relationship between two variables. It has nothing to do with the value of a single number.

How do show 0.25 shaded in a circle divided into fourths?


Three fourths of an inch on a map equals 750 miles what would one inch be?

The scale of a map is decreased to show the representation of actual miles to the distance found on a map. If three fourths of an inch on a map was equal to 750 miles, an inch on the maps scale would equal 1,000 miles.

At a little league game three fourths of the people were kids and the rest were parents If the ratio of dads to moms is 3 to 4 what percent of the people attending the game were moms show work?

About 14%

Use multiplication to show how many twenty-fourths equal 5--6?


How do you show a half using a 4?

Two fourths and four eighths are the same as one half.

Why do my two different calculators both show minus three squared as negative nine instead of positive?

The minus (unary) operator is of lower precedence than the exponent. To force the square of a negative on some calculators you may need to surround the number in parentheses. E.g.

How do you show 5000 minus 1 equals 4999?

4999+1 = 5000

What are Two different ways to show three-fourths is greater than two third?

A. Multiply both ratios by their LCM, 12: 3/4 * 12 = 9 2/3 * 12 = 8 B. Convert them to percentages: 3/4 = 75% 2/3 = 66.67% Both show that the first is bigger.

Do airsoft laser sights show the whole beam?

No and yes. This particular gun doesn't show the whole beam since it has that little plastic circle on top. The laser on the bottom does show the whole beam.

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Elvis was on the Ed Sullivan Show three times. The first time they showed his whole body, but then there was an outrage from parents and others, so the cameraman was instructed to take shots from only the waist up.