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1 mm = 1/1000 of a metre

The milli- prefix means 1/1000

→ 1 mm = 1/1000 m

→ 1 m = 1000 × 1/1000 m = 1000 mm

→ 1mm/1m = (1 mm)/(1000 mm) = 1/1000

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Q: What is 1mm as a fraction of a metre?
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What is 1mm of 1 meter?

1mm is 1 thousandth of a metre or 0.001 metres

What is the least count of a meter rod in mm?

The smallest division is 1mm (one milli metre). There 1000 divisions of 1mm in a 1 m (one metre) rule.

What is M meaning after a number 1MM?

1mm = 1 millimetre = 1/1,000 metre = 1/10 centimetre so first m = milli second m = metre

How many mitres in a millimeter?

There are 1,000mm in a metre. This means that 1mm is a thousadnth of a metre, which can be written numerically as 0.001m

How big and small can insect be?

50000 metre big and 1mm small

Which is bigger1mm or m?

1 metre is bigger because there are 1000mm in 1m, and there are 0.001m in 1mm.

What fraction of 1 m is 1mm?

It is: 1/1000

What is 1mm as a fraction of 1 cm?


What is the fraction of meters?

Any length smaller than a metre will be a fraction of a metre.

What is closer to 3 feet 1mm 1 cm 1 m 1 km?

1 metre.

715cm fraction of a mater?

As a fraction of a metre it is 143/20.

Convert area 1mm square to m square?

1 mm^2 = 10^-6 = 0.000001 metre^2.