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Answer: 1 m/s in physics is a speed meaning meters per second.

Answer: ms is also short for millisecond (0.001 second).

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Q: What is 1ms physics?
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What is the motion of an object that has an average speed of 1ms?

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How many picoseconds are there in 1Ms?

There are 106/10-12 = 1018 picoseconds in 1 mega seconds.

How much must be done for a 100-kg car to increase its speed from 1ms to 2ms?


How much work must be done on a 1000kg car to increase its speed from 1ms to 2ms?

1,500 j

How much time will it take for a bug to travel 5meters across the floor if it is traveling at 1ms?

It will take 5 seconds.

What are the braches of physics?

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What is the difference between physics and rad physics?

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What has the shortest wavelenght 10MHz or 100MHz?

100MHz Wavelength(m) is inversely proportional to frequency (Hz) Use the equation λ=v/f (Wavelength=velocity/frequency) For the velocity just use the value 1 as since both waves will be through the same medium it doesn't matter 0.000001m = 1ms-1 / 10,000,000Hz 0.0000001m = 1ms-1 / 100,000,000Hz

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Importance of physics in our society?

Physics is extremely important in our society. We use physics in everyday life. The water in our sinks is because of physics and the laws of physics. All modes of transport are the principles of physics. Everything in society is surrounded by physics.

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