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Q: What is 2.36x10'3 written as an ordinary number?
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What is 0.12 as an ordinary number?

0.12 IS an ordinary number. It is an ordinary rational number, written in decimal form - which is a perfectly ordinary way of writing numbers.

What best describes prose?

Ordinary written language

What is the last number in an equation?

There is no answer since the terms of an equation can be written in any order (when in ordinary mathematical domains).

How do you write 4000 30 as an ordinary number?


What is 2.3610 to power 3 written as an ordinary number?

Well you can multiply it out: 2.3610 x 2.3610 x 2.3610 = 13.1609718810

What is a prose?

A prose is the ordinary form of written language and ordinary writing a distinguished from verse.

What is an ordinary number?

a number in form of decimal

How do you find the number of ordinary share in balance sheet?

To find the number of ordinary share in balance sheet one must observe all the other numbers and find the mean. Once that is founds than the ordinary share number can be calculated.

What is standard notation in math?

Based on your abbreviation for mathematics, I guess you are American. American usage of Standard Notation is to mean ordinary numbers - ie a number written normally. It is the opposite of expanded notation whereby the number is written as the sum of its digits each multiplied by its place value column. For example 123.4 is standard notation; in expanded notation it would be written as 100 + 20 + 3 + 0.4 In the UK, Standard Notation is used to mean scientific notation (or standard index notation) which is a number with one non-zero digit before a decimal point multiplied by a power of 10. It is a way of writing ordinary numbers, especially very big or little ones. For example 123.4 is an ordinary number which is 1.234 × 10² in standard notation. By multiplying out the standard notation the ordinary number is retrieved: 1.234 × 10² = 1.234 × 100 = 123.4

What is an ordinary form of the written language?


What has the author Charles E Caton written?

Charles E. Caton has written: 'Philosophy and ordinary language' -- subject(s): Ordinary-language philosophy, Semantics

How far is a googolplex?

A googolplex is the number 10googol. Written out in ordinary decimal notation, it is 1 followed by 10,100 zeroes.

what's 1 googolplex in physics?

A googolplex is the number 10googol, or equivalently, 10. Written out in ordinary decimal notation, it is 1 followed by 10100 zeroes; that is, a 1 followed by a googol zeroes.

What is the difference about poem and prose?

The difference is that a poem is a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines and a prose is the ordinary form of written language and ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.

Is Prose is the ordinary form of written language?

Yesss! (:

What is an ordinary number of 7.4x10 to the power of 9?

The expanded number is 7400000000 .

Is there any ordinary number that can divide into 47?

No, 47 is a prime number

What does an absolute number look like?

Like an ordinary positive number.

What has the author Jeanette Edwards written?

Jeanette Edwards has written: 'Ordinary people'

What has the author A A E Johnson written?

A. A. E. Johnson has written: 'The oriental and the ordinary'

What has the author A M Goldsher written?

A. M. Goldsher has written: 'No ordinary girl'

What is 1.81x10to the -2 as an ordinary number?


What is infinity subtract 10?

The answer is still infinite. Infinity is not an ordinary number and does not obey the same rules as ordinary numbers.

What is a description of prose?

Written or spoken language in its ordinary form

How many zeros in jillion?

"Jillion" is an informal, slang word that's used to mean "really big number". It has no formal mathematical definition, and it's not a number that can be written, or used for ordinary arithmetic operations.