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It is: 2.4 = 12/5 as an improper fraction

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Q: What is 2.4 as an improper fraction?
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What is 595 24 as an improper fraction?

595/24 is an improper fraction; to change it to mixed number = 24 19/24

What is 6 over 24 as an improper fraction?

Since 6 is smaller than 24, there is no improper fraction.

What is an fraction way to write 24?

You can write 24 as the improper fraction 24/1.

What is the improper fraction of 24 over 11?


What is 3234 over 24 as an improper fraction?


Can an improper fraction be defined as just a fraction and When you talk about a fraction do you include improper fractions?

When you talk about fractions, you do include improper fractions. However, an improper fraction such as 24/6 is hard, because it should really be called 4. Yes, an improper fraction can be defined as a TYPE of fraction.

What is 4 and 4 over 5 as an improper fraction?

4 and 4/5 as an improper fraction is 24/5

What are the fractional parts of 24?

It is simply: 24/1 as an improper fraction

What is 4 45 as an improper fraction?

445 is an integer and so there is no sensible way of expressing it as an improper fraction.

12 and 24 thousandths in fraction?

12 and 24/1000 as an improper fraction in its lowest terms is 1503/125

What is 3 and 3 sevenths as an improper fraction?


Can 225 over 24 be simplified?

Yes it can it is an improper fraction.

24 as an improper fraction with denominator of 5?

It is 120/5.

35.48 in fraction notation?

As a Proper Fraction: 35 24/25 As an Improper Fraction: 899/25

How do you write 24 as a fraction?

If you mean the whole number 24, its fraction would be 24/1. If you mean 2 and 4, it would be 2/4.

What is an improper fraction for 6?

24/4 maybe or 6/1

How do you write 7 3 4ths as an improper fraction?


What is 4.5 as an improper fraction?

What is 4.5 as an improper fraction

What is 5.8 as an improper fraction?

5.8 as an improper fraction is 58/10.

How do you change this whole number 12 into an improper fraction?

24/12 = 12

How do you find the absolute value of an improper fraction?

If the improper fraction is greter than 0 it is the value of the improper fraction and if the improper fraction is less than 0, it is the negative of the value of the fraction.

What is 3 and 3 over 7 as an improper fraction?

24 over 7

What is 4.27 as an improper fraction?

4.27 as an improper fraction is 427/100

What does an improper fraction become when it is reduced?

It remains an improper fraction.

What is 7 56 as an improper fraction?

There is no equivalent improper fraction.