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Q: What is 2.500 round to the nearest penny?
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How do you round 0.12000 to the nearest penny?

0.12000 pennies, to the nearest penny is 0 pennies.

Can you please Round to the nearest penny of 537.04?

It looks like it HAS been rounded to the nearest penny.

How do you round 1.9992 to the nearest penny?


How do you Round to the nearest penny 9.03997?


How do you round 1.15566 to the nearest penny?


How would you round 410.80 to the nearest penny?

If you are talking about 410.80 cents, then it would round to 411 cents. If you are talking about $410.80, then with a penny = $0.01, it is already rounded to the nearest penny.

How do I round 44.55 to the nearest penny?

45 cents

How would you round 139.6761134 to the nearest penny?


How do you round 67.8055 to the nearest penny?

If you are talking in terms of $67.8055, then you would round it to $67.81

How would you round 129.207 to the nearest penny?

129 pennies

Round each dollar amount to the nearest penny 28.79064?


How do you round 2537 to the nearest hundred?

2537 rounded to the nearest hundred is 2500

How do you round to the nearest penny?

You do you calculation. Let's say the answer is $7.4269. It means seven dollars, 42 cents and .69 of a cent. The nearest whole cent is 43, not 42. So you write $7.43. If you round that to the nearest dollar, it will be $7. Forget about the change.

What is 2500 nearest to 100?

2500 is already at the nearest 100.

How do you Round 43.575 to the nearest penny?

It should be obvious that the answer depends on the units used for 43.575 For example, to the nearest penny, 43.575 pennies will be somewhat different from 43.575 pounds!

What is 0.325 rounded to the nearest penny?

0.33, or 33 centsone penny = 0.01when rounding 0.325 to nearest penny,when the third number after the decimal is 5 or greater, round up

How do you round 1.219 to the nearest penny?

Since the last digit is 9, you would round up to 1.22.

How would you round 12772.1 to the nearest penny?

If that's 12772.10 dollars, it's already there.

What is used to ensure totals are exactly correct to the nearest penny in Excel?

round function

What do you get if you round 2500 to the nearest thousand?

What is 2,500 rounded too the nearest thousand place

What is the nearest hundred to 2500?

2500 is divisible by 100, so the answer is 2500.

What is 2456 round to the nearest hundred?


How do you round to the nearest penny of 20.00?

$20.00 already has a whole number of pennies, with no pieces of a penny. So there is no other number of pennies that can be closer to it than it already is.

What is 1.095 to the nearest penny?

1.095 to the nearest penny is 1.10

What is 2500 to the nearest thousands?

2,500 to the nearest thousands is 3,000