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Q: What is 20 percent of ten dollar and thirty nine cents?
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How many cents are there in nine twentieths of a dollar?

There are 100 cents in one dollar. Therefore, nine twentieths of a dollar is equal to 9/20 x 100 = 45 cents.

How do you say 17.39?

seventeen point three nine seventeen dollars and thirty-nine cents seventeen and thirty-nine hundredths

How do you spell 9.30?

The number 9.30 is "nine and thirty hundredths." In US currency $9.30 is "nine dollars and thirty cents."

How many cents is nine tenth of a dollar?

90 cents = 9/10 of a dollar

How do you write 9035.06 in figures?

9035.06 = nine thousand, thirty-five and six hundredths or nine thousand, thirty-five dollars and six cents

How do you write in words 2934996.30 usd?

Two million, nine hundred thirty-four thousand, nine hundred ninety-six dollars and thirty cents.

How do you write two hundred thirty dollars and ninety-nine cents?


What is the percent of nine pennies to a dollar?

the percent of nine pennies to a dollar is 9 percent considering that there are 100 pennies in a dollar the percent will always be the same number of pennies, but only if your dealing with pennies or things in groups of 100.

Are crunchy tacos really a dollar and nine cents?


How do you write 39.73 in words?

There are several ways to write 39.73: Thirty-nine point seven three Thirty-nine dollars and seventy-three cents (if referring to money) Thirty-nine seventy-three (a more casual money reference) Thirty-nine and seventy-three hundredths

What is a percent for thirty nine fiftieths?

39/50 = 78%

Nine thousandthree hundrend thirty one and eighty two cents wtite out?