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Q: What is 216 to the third power minus 64 to the one third power?
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What is the area of one of the sides of a cube whose volume is 216in to the third power?

216 x 216 = 46656 sq in

What is three to the power of minus one is?

3^-1 = 1 over (3 to the power of 1) = 1/3, one third. a minus power is the same as a normal power but with a 1 above it.

What isTwo third minus one third?

One third !

What is two minus one-third?

one and one-third

What is 1500 minus one third?

1500 minus one third is 1499 2/3

What is two to the third power times three minus one to the second power plus negative four to the second power?


What is one ninth minus one third?

One third is three ninths. So one ninth minus three ninths is minus two nights.

What is one third minus two third?

Negative one third.

What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

What is one third multiplied by 216?


What is three and one third minus one third?


What is one minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

What is one minus one half and minus one third?

1 minus 1/2 minus 1/3 is equal to 0.166667

Negative three to the negative third power?

-3-3 = -1/27, or minus one twenty-seventh.

What is twenty five minus one third?

Twenty five minus one third is 24 and 2/3. You may have also meant twenty five minus one third of twenty five. That would be 16 and 2/3.

What is one half minus one third?

Three-sixths minus two-sixths is one-sixth.

What is one third minus one eighth?


What is one minus one third?

One minus one third is two thirds. 1=3/3 3/3-1/3=2/3

What is seven and one third minus three and one half fractions?

Seven and one third minus three and one half = 23/6 or 35/6

What is twelve eighths minus one sixth?

Twelve eighths minus one sixth is one and one third.

What is twelve minus one third?


What is one third minus one seventh?

1/3 minus 1/7 is 4/21.

What is one third minus one?

minus two thirds 1/3 - 1 = -2/3

What is one third minus one ninth?

1/3 minus 1/9 is 2/9.

What is one third minus one fifth?

1/3 minus 1/5 is 2/15