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2345 + 13456 + 25099 = 40900

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Q: What is 2345 more than the sum of 13456 and 25099?
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What is 2345 more than the sum 13456 and 25099?

2345 + 13456 + 25099 = 40900

What is 2345 more than the sum of 13 456 and 25099?

It is 13456 + 25099 + 2345 = 40900

What is 2345 more than the sum of 13456 and 25 099?

40900 Just add all 3 together.

What number is more than 2345?

You would write it like this: 2345 < X. X being any number greater than 2345 including decimals.

What is 100 more than 2345?


Give a number less than 2345 but greater than 2263 that ends in 5 and has a zero in the tens place?


How many numbers less than 4000 can be made from numbers 2345 if repetitions are not allowed?

There are 52.

What is the nearest thousand of number 2345?

It is: 2000 because 300 is less than 500

When you round a number to the nearest thousand the hundreds tens and ones digits become zero shouldn't that mean that the rounded number is less than the original number?

Not always because 2543 rounds to 3000 but 2345 rounds to 2000

How do you write 2.345 as a fraction?

2.345 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 2345/1000 which can be simplified, if required. However, simplification may result in a loss of information about the accuracy of the number.

Which numbers in the set 2345 are the solutions to the inequality 16 3x 5?

That's not an inequality; an inequality needs a "greater than" or a "less than" sign. Those must have gotten lost when you typed the title. Anyway, basically you are supposed to replace the numbers one by one in the inequality, do the calculations, and see whether the resulting statement is true or not.

Is it correct to say you have more money than I or you have more money than me?

You have more money than I have --- therefore, it is "You have more than I."