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250ml = .25l

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Q: What is 250milliletres to letres?
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Is 250milliletres a quarter of a pint?

No, it is not 1/4 pint.

How many Letres are in a meter?


What is 50 ml as letres?

That is 0.050 litre

How many millLetres in 15 Letres?


If you water you garden with a hose how much water will be used?

Depends on the size, contents, and dimensions of your garden. if it is classed as a small garden it would be about 100 letres, if it is classed as a middleish garden it would be about 500 letres and if it was classed as a large garden it would be about 1,000 letres

How much is 220 ml of water?

0.220 letres

How many milliliters in 2 letres?

There are 2000ml in 2l

How many letres are in 3 gallons?

Approx 11L.

How many milliletres are in 3 letres?

3000 that's easy

How many letres are in one cubic meter?

1000 L

How much water do fish drink in a day?

4500 million letres

How much oil does your mk4 golf gti hold?

About 4 letres

How much water does an African Peyote Cactus need?

it need 100 letres

Is the 3100 engine the same as the 3.1?

yes it is, 3100 is in cc and the 3.1 is in letres

How many letres of blood is there in a human body?

I THINK THERE ARE 80 liters of blood in our body

How many centimeters are in one letres?

Do you mean "one metre"? One meter is exactly 100 centimeters.

How many letres is 705 mL?

nearly 2 litres but a third of 2 or the other way around

How many ml are there in 100 letres?

Each litre is 1,000 ml . So 100 Litre is 100,000 ml

How may mililetres in 0.25 letres?

The spelling is "liters" (or "litres" in British spelling). To convert liters to milliliters, multiply by 1000.

How many cubic centimeters equals 3.73 Letres?

1 litre is 1000 cubic centimetres. 3.73 litres are 3730 cubic centimetres.

How many litres is the same as 8035 millilitres?

The prefix "milli-" means a thousand so divide by 1000. Therefore 8035 divided by 1000 = 8.035 letres

A gas occupies a volume of 2.45 L at a pressure of 1.03 ATM and a temperature of 293K What volume will the gas occupy if the pressure changes to 0.980 ATM and the temperature remains unchanged?

2.575 letres

How many milli letres in a carton of milk?

It depends... 1L=1 000mL 1.5L= 1 500mL 2L= 2 000mL 3L= 3 000mL etc (just add three zeroes to the number)

Does Coca-Cola rot your insides?

my dad has been drinking cocacola for 18years he used to drink 3 letres a day to him self we think the cocacola in rotting his insides can that be true if so what is the ingredient that could be doing that?

How much water falls down High Force Waterfall?

Wey over 100 letres per second but less than the victoria falls which has just over 567,811L per cubic second Hope that helps :)