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25 cm is equal to about 9 and 7/8ths inches.

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Q: What is 25cm in feet and inches?
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How many inches is 25cm?

25cm is equal to 9.84251968505 inches.

How many inches in 25cm?

25 centimeters = 9.84251969 inches

25cm in inches?

25 cm is a little bit less than 10 inches.

What is the wing span of the queen Alexandras birdwing?

10 Inches(25cm)

How big do mud crabs grow?

25cm or about 8-9 inches

What is greater 25 cm or 15 in?

15 inches is 37.5cm, 25cm is 10 inches so 15 inches is larger

What is 17 cm x 25 cm in inches?

17cm x 25cm = 425cm = 167.323 inches

How far should you sit from an airbag while driving?

10 inches/ 25cm

How many inches is 6cm?

If you convert 6cm into inches you have 2.3622 inches. 10 centimeters is equal to 3.93701 and 25cm is equal to 9.84252 inches.

Is 25 centimeters the same as 10 inches?

Nearly identical. 25cm is 9.8' 25.4cm would be 10 inches.

What defines a desert?

A desert is a place with 10 inches or 25cm of rain or less a year

How many inches of space does the air bag need to inflate?

space between is 25cm

What biome has an annual rainfall of less than 25cm?

A desert is defined as a region that receives less than 25cm (10 inches) of rainfall on average per year.

How do you simplify 25cm 2m?

Change 2 meters to 6 feet, then change 6 feet into 72 cm

What is 25cm into inches?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 cm=0.39370079 inch 25 cm=9.842 inches

What is 50cm x 36cm x 25cm in inches?

19.7 in x 14.2 in x 9.8 in

How much is 25Cm of snow in inches?

There is 0.393701 inches in one centimeter. Therefore, there is about 9.842 inches of snow in 25 centimeters of snow.

What is the area of a square whose side is 25cm in length?

25cm x 25cm = 625cm

How many millimeter in 25cm?

25cm = 250mm

What is 120 in feet and inches?

120 feet, in feet and inches, is 120 feet and 0 inches.

How do you convert 35cm x 55cm x 25cm to inches?

145cm x 71cm x 2.5cm

31 inches equals how many feet and inches?

31 inches = how many feet and inches 2 feet and 7 inches

What is 45 inches in to feet and inches?

45 inches = 3.75 feet or 3 feet 9 inches.

What is 59.06 inches in feet and inches?

To convert from inches to feet divide by 12 = 4 feet 11.06 inches ~ 5 feet

How many m are in 25cm?

25cm = quarter metre.