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Q: What is 29 as a fraction?
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Related questions

What is 00029 as a fraction?

00029 = 29 which, as a fraction, is 29/1

What does .29 equal in a fraction?

It is: 0.29 = 29/100 as a fraction

What is 29 percent as a fraction simplified?

29 percent as a fraction in simplest form is 29/100.

What is .29 a a fraction?

.29 = 29/100

What is negative 29 fraction?

-29 is an integer and there is no sensible way to express it as a fraction.

What is the fraction of 29.4?

the fraction of 29.4 is 29 4/10 or 29 2/5

How do you write 29 as a fraction in simplest form?

you can't write 29 as a fraction whole. it's already whole. but simplest form as an IMPROPER fraction is 29 over 1

What is 29 in a fraction?


What is 29 over 11 as in a fraction?

29/11 IS a fraction. As a mixed fraction, it is equal to 2 7/11. As a decimal it is 2.6363...

What fraction is equivalent to 29?

29 is an integer, not a fraction so there is no sensible equivalent. However, if you must, you could write it as 29/1.

What is 29 in a fraction simplest form?

29 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 29/1 which cannot be simplified.

How do you put 29 percent into a fraction?

29% = 29/100

What is .29 as fraction?

29/100 (29 over 100)

What is 29 into a fraction?

29/1 is.

What is the fraction form of 29?


What is the fraction for 29 percent?


What fraction of one minute is 29 seconds?


What is -29 in a fraction?

-29 is an integer and so there is not really a sensible way of writing it as a fraction or mixed number.

What is negative 29 in a fraction?

Negative fraction is an integer, not a fraction. It can be expressed in a fractional form as -(29*k)/k where h is a non-zero integer.

What is 29 percent as a fraction in its simplest form?

29% = 29/100

How do you turn 29 percent into a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 29 percent is equal to 29/100 or twenty-nine hundredths.

What is 0.0058 as a fraction?

0.0058 as a fraction is 29/5000.

What is 0.29 as a fraction?

0.29 as a fraction is 29/100.

What is 1.450 as a fraction?

As an improper fraction: 29/20

What is the reduced fraction 29 over 10?

That fraction can't be simplified, since 29 and 10 have no common factors.