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9 minus 8

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Q: What is 2 cubed minus 3 squared?
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How can you get to the number two in a tricky way?

How about: (3 squared minus 2 cubed) + 1 to the fourth 3 cubed minus 5 squared log 100 Kim Basinger's weeks minus Doris Day's cents.

How do you factor x cubed minus x squared plus x minus six?

(x - 2)(x^2 + x + 3)

Why are 2 and 3 are squared and cubed?

2 squared --> 4 2 cubed --> 8 3 squared --> 9 3 cubed --> 27

What is 2 cubed times 3 squared?

72 minus the root of squared minus equals 72 but you have to be smart to know that the minimum circumference s 56 there you go

What is the factorization to 19x cubed minus 38x squared?

19x^3-38x^2= 19x^2(x-2)

How do you factor the expression x cubed minus x squared plus x minus 3?

x³ - x² + x - 3 (x² + 1)(x - 1) - 2

How do you factor x cubed minus x squared minus 12x?

x(x + 3)(x - 4)

How do you factor 2y cubed minus 8y squared minus 42y?

2y(y + 3)(y - 7)

What is x cubed minus 27 divided by x minus 3?


What is x cubed minus 3x squared plus 6x minus 18 in simplest form?

(x - 3)(x^2 + 6)

What is x cubed minus 1?

xcubed-1 Answer::(X-1)(Xsquared+X+1) when you factor xcubed minus a number its the same thing as x cubed minus y cubed and x cubed minus y cubed factors to:: (x-y)(xsquared+xy+y squared) the first factor, (x-y), is the cubed root of the first and the cubed root of the second, so in the answer i have (x-1), which is x cubed minus one cubed :) the second factor, (xsquared+xy+ysquared), you take the first number squared, Xsquared, then the first and second one multiplied together, XY, and then the second number squared, Ysquared, so in the answer i have (xsquared+x+1), which is x squared, then x times 1 which is just x, and positive 1, which is negative 1 squared :) x^3 - 1

How do you factor y cubed plus y squared minus 6?

y^3 + y^2 - 6 (y+2) (y-3) i think

Will 2 cubed be the same as 3 squared?

No, 2 cubed is not the same as 3 squared. 23 = 8 32 = 9

What is a cubed and squared?

cubed is 3 and squared is 2 they say cubed feet to say it is in feet and it is a 3d shape or object. Same with 2d.

What is 2 squared times 3 cubed?

2 squared is 4 3 cubed is 27 27 x 4 is 108

Factor x cubed plus x squared minus 3x minus 3?

x³ + x² - 3x - 3 = (x + 1)(x + √3) (x - √3).

What is -3 squared minus 2 minus 5?

-32 - 2 - 5 = 2

Use Synthetic Division Parenthesis a cubed minus 6a squared plus 10a - 3 divided by parenth a-3?


What is 2a squared minus 5a minus 3 factored out?


What is 2 cubed plus 3 squared?

Helen is an ashole

Which is larger 2 cubed or 3 squared?

32 is larger

How do you simplify 2 cubed plus 3 squared?

Answer: 12

What do squared and cubed mean in exponents?

Squared means 2 in exponents and cubed means 3 in exponents. For example, It saids 5 cubed, than it would be 5.3 .

(y plus y) plus (y plus y)(y-3)(y-3)?


Factor 2x squared minus x minus 6?

(x - 2)(2x + 3)