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four and three twentieths :)

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Q: What is 2 fifths plus 3 and one quarter plus 1 half?
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What is three fifths plus one fourths?

three fifths plus one quarter = 17 twentieths

What is a quarter plus a quarter?

One half.

One half plus four fifths?


Adding half to a quarter equals?

One-quarter plus one-half equals three-quarters.

What is 2 fifths plus one half?


What is Three and three fifths plus one and one half?


What is One half plus one quarter plus one eighth?


What is one half plus one third plus one quarter?

One and one twelfth

What does four fifths plus one half?

1 and 1.5/5

Three fifths plus one half?

1 and 1/10th

What is four fifths plus one half?

3 over 10

What does one and one-half plus one-tenth equal?

One and one-half plus one-tenth equals 1 and six tenths or one and three fifths.

What is one qaurter plus one half?

three quarter

What is half plus one third plus two and one quarter?


What is one half plus one tenth equal?

six tenths or three fifths

What is one fifth plus two fifths?

One fifth PLUS two fifths = 3 fifths

One half plus three tenths?

4/5 is what a half plus three tenths equals.

What is nine tenths plus three fifths equal?

one and five tenths or one and a half

What is two fifths and one quarter?

If you mean 2/5 plus 1/4 then it is 13/20

What is one and one half plus three fourths?

Two and one quarter

What is three quarters plus a half?

Three quarters plus a half is one and a quarter.

How many 5ths go into one and a quarter?

6 and one quarter fifths go into one and a quarter.

What is five and two fifths plus four and one half?

9 and 9/10

What is 3 and one half plus four and 3 tenths?

seven and 4 fifths

Two-fifths of one quarter?

2/5 x .25 = 0.1 _______________________________________________________________________________ two fifths of a quarter is a dime