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Q: What is 2 over 3 divided by 3 in fraction form?
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What is two divided by five in fraction form?

2 over 5 or 2 fifths

What is 7 divided 2 in fraction form?


How do you simplify a fraction over a fraction?

You find a common number that they could BOTH be divided by(6 and 16 can divided by 2.The fraction in now 3/8.)But if it still is in simplest form,divide it again by a number.

What is 2 divided by 4 in fraction form?


What is 1 divided by 2 in fraction form?


What is 2 divided by 11 in fraction form?


What is 2 divided by 3 in fraction form?


What is 2 divided by 9 in fraction form?


What fraction do you get when you divide 2 divided by 6?

2 divided by 6 gives a fraction of 1/3 (one third) in its simplest form.

What is the simplest form of 6 over 4?

To convert a fraction to its lowest form, think of a number in which you can divide both the numerator and the denominator with that number. In this case 4/6 is a fraction with 4 as the numerator while 6 as the denominator. The number 2 can be divided with both 4 and 6. 4 divided by 2 is 2; while 6 divided by 2 is 3. Therefore the answer is 2/3. You can no longer reduce this to its lowest form. Victor

What is 232 divided by fraction form?


What does the fraction of 2 over 7 divided by the fraction of 4 over 9 equal?