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2 squared is 4

3 cubed is 27

27 x 4 is 108

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Q: What is 2 squared times 3 cubed?
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Why are 2 and 3 are squared and cubed?

2 squared --> 4 2 cubed --> 8 3 squared --> 9 3 cubed --> 27

What is seven squared times two cubed?

It is: 7^2 times 2^3 = 392

Will 2 cubed be the same as 3 squared?

No, 2 cubed is not the same as 3 squared. 23 = 8 32 = 9

Is volume squared or cubed?

Cubed; Area is squared. Short version: No, squared is to the second power, cubed to the third. Long version: No- squared is X2 , or x times x. Cubed is X3, or x times x times x. For example: Squared: 22= 2x2= 4 Cubed: 23= 2x2x2= 8 So any 3-D object has to be X3. Area, which is 2-D, is squared.

What is the difference between cubed and squared?

cubed is a number being multiplied by itself 3 times, ex: 2*2*2=8, whereas squared is a number being multiplied by itself 2 times ex: 2*2=4

What is a cubed and squared?

cubed is 3 and squared is 2 they say cubed feet to say it is in feet and it is a 3d shape or object. Same with 2d.

What is the product of two cubed and two squared?

23 times 22 = 2(2+3) = 25 = 32

What is 2 cubed plus 3 squared?

Helen is an ashole

Which is larger 2 cubed or 3 squared?

32 is larger

How do you simplify 2 cubed plus 3 squared?

Answer: 12

What do squared and cubed mean in exponents?

Squared means 2 in exponents and cubed means 3 in exponents. For example, It saids 5 cubed, than it would be 5.3 .

What is the cubed root of 64 then squared?

The cubed root of 64 is 4. (4)2 Four squared is 16. Hope it helped! :3

What is 2 cubed times 3 cubed?

6 cubed or 216.

What is 2 cubed minus 3 squared?

9 minus 8

What is bigger 3 cubed or 9 squared?

3 cubed = 27 and 9 squared = 81 which is the biggest number

What does the little 2 mean in math?

I think you mean the symbol for the power to which a number is raised. The two is called "squared"- that is when a number is multiplied times itself- 3 squared is 9. You will also see the small 3- "Cubed"- number times itself, times itself. 3 cubed is 27- 3x3x3.

What the sum 2 cubed and 3 squared?

2 cubed is 2x2 and 3 squared is 3x3x3x3, you can multiply 2x2 which equals 4 and 3x3x3x3 equals 81, (because 3x3 is 9 and 3x3 shows up 2 times you multiply 9,2 times) so then you have to multiply 81x4 81 x 4 ____ 324

How do you simplify open parenthesis x squared times y squared close parenthesis to the cube plus open parenthesis x cubed times y cubed close parenthesis to the second power?

(x2y2)3 + (x3y3)2 = 2x6y6.

How do you factor 2x squared times y cubed-6x cubed times y to the 4th plus 8x to the 4th times y to the third?

2x^2y^3(4x^2 - 3xy + 1)

What is w squared cubed?

(w2)3 = w(2 x 3) = w6

What is 2 cubed times 3 squared?

72 minus the root of squared minus equals 72 but you have to be smart to know that the minimum circumference s 56 there you go

What is x squared times x cubed?

X^5. When you multiply two of the same variables to a certain power, you simply have to add the powers together. So a number squared (2) times a number cubed (3) would equal a number to the fifth.

Derivative of x3?

the derivative of 3x is 3 the derivative of x cubed is 3 times x squared

What is the prime factorization of 108 with exponents?

2 squared x 3 cubed

What is the difference between 3 squared and 3 cubed?

3 squared is 3 to the 2nd power, or 3 multiplied by 33 squared=3x3=93 cubed is 3 to the 3rd power or 3 multiplied by 3 multiplied by 33 cubed=3x3x3=27