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2-1 x 2-2 = 2-1 + -2 = 2-3 = 1/8, or one eighth.

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Q: What is 2 to the power of negative one times 2 to the power of negative two?
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Negative eight plus two times four to the second power?

negative eight plus two times four to the second power

What is two to the third power times three minus one to the second power plus negative four to the second power?


What is 5 times the power of negative three times two?


What is one third times negative two?

negative two-thirds

What is twenty one times negative two?

negative 42

What is two times negative one third?

negative two thirds = -2/3

What is negative one third times the square root of 3 times 12?

negative two

What is negative two thirds times negative one?

It is: -2/3 times -1 = 2/3

What is negative two times three?

Negative two times three is negative six.

What is the answer to negative one-third times negative 2?

Positive two-thirds.

What is the prime factorization -384?

two to the seventh power times negative three

What does negative two and one- third times two and one- seventh equal?


What is negative two thirds times one?


What does two times negative one equiel?


What is a negative number raised to the 3rd power?

It is the negative of the value of the number multiplied by itself two times (not three times - as most of us are incorrectly taught).

What is negative two times two to the third power?

(-2)(2^3) = (-2)(8) = (-16)

What is 7 plus two-thirds times equals negative one?

well first of all if I gave you the answer it would be cheating. but I will show you a better way to do the problem. seven plus two thirds is easy. It is seven and two thirds. now times that by negative one . remember your integer rules. Positive times a positive is equal to positive. negative times positive is negative is but a negative times a negative is a positive. b so seven and two thirds times negative one is negative seven and one thirds. I hope that I could have been of some assistance to your problem. Remember to work the problem one step at a time. If you look at the whole problem you will get confused. look at segments than put it all together. good luck.

What is negative to times negative two?

Negative times negative is positive. Negative 2 times negative 2 equals positive 4.

How do you evaluate the expression negative 3 over negative 3 with a power of 2?

-3/-3 is a double negative, and therefore equals a positive. Three thirds - the result - is equal to one. When you square (take to the power of two) the number one, you get one, because one times itself is one. If you were saying -3/(-32), however, your result will be different. -32 is another double negative, equalling a positive. Three times three is nine. therefore, your result for that is -3/9. When simplified, this turns into -1/3.

What does two times negative two equal?

Negative four

What is negative one half times negative two?

The result is 1.

What is five plus negative 2 times six plus five minus two times negative two?

negative 24

What is One third times negative two thirds?

It is -2/9

How do you factor 3x4 minus 12x3 plus 4x minus 16 and find the complex zeros?

(x - 4)(3x^3 + 4) The complex roots are the cube root of negative one third times two to the two thirds power and negative two to the two thirds power divided by the cube root of three

9 times negative two?

Positive times negative = negative -18