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2x * x^2 = 2x^3.

Multiply the parts that are alike. The first term has a coefficient of 2, the second term has a coefficient of 1 (x = 1*x). The first term has variable x (which is x^1), the second term has variable x^2. Since they have the same base (both are x), we can add the powers together (x^2 = x * x, so x * x^2 = x * x * x = x^3)

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is the answer two x squared
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Q: What is 2x multiplied by x squared?
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What is 2x squared multiplied by 5?

2x² multiplied by 5 = 10x²

What is x squared times 2x squared?

2x to the fourth

Is x squared the same as 2x?

No. x squared is x times x, whereas 2x is x + x.

What is x squared multiplied by x squared?

(X2) (X2) = X4 x squared multiplied by x squared is x raised to the 4th power.

What is x x 2x?

x times 2x is 2x squared or 2x2

3x squared - x squared?

3x squared - x squared = 2x squared

What is x multiplied by 2x squared?

It's difficult to identify where the parentheses belong in the question. Here are the answers corresponding to a few possibilities: x (2x2) = 2x3 x (2x)2 = 4x3 (x · 2x)2 = 4x4

What is the product of (2x-7y)(x y)?

If you mean: (2x-7y)(x+y) then it is 2x squared -5xy -7y squared

What does x squared - 2x factor out to?

x2 - 2x = x(x-2)

How do you factor 2X squared plus x?

x(2x + 1)

What is 2x squared times x?

(2x)2(x) = 4x3

How do you divide 2x squared divided by x?

2x2 ÷ x = 2x

What is 2x times negative x?

It is: -2x squared

Factor x squared plus 2x?

x² + 2x = x(x+2)

What is 2x squared plus 2x?

2x2 + 2x = 2x(x+1)

Factor 2x squared - 2x plus xy - y?


What is 2x squared plus x squared?


How do you solve x squared plus x squared plus x?

Add the x's squared together to get 2x^2+x. You cannot add anymore so the answer is 2x^2+x

What is x squared plus x squared?


What does x multiplied by 2 equal?

x multiplied by 2 equals to 2x.

What is 7X squared plus 2X squared equal to?

It equals 53X- a number is squared when it is multiplied by itself, so 7X by 7X = 49X. 2X by 2X =4X, so 49X + 4X is 53X.

Is x squared -32 a factor of 2x squared-32?


Is x squared -32 a factor of 2x squared -32?


What is 2x squared x 3x squared?

2 squared X 3 squared = 5 squared

Factor 2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y?

2x squared plus 2x plus xy plus y or 2x(x+1) + y(x+1) or (x+1)(2x+y)

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