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30 minutes as a fraction is 1/2 an hour

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Q: What is 30 mintues as a fraction?
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How many mintues does 2 hours and 30 mintues equal?


What fraction of one hour is 51 mintues?


What fraction of an hour is 15 mintues?

15 minutes is one fourth (1/4) of an hour.

How many mintues in a half hour?

30 minutes are in half an hour.

How long did it take to play sonatina on the piano?

30 mintues depending on how you can play the song.

How many minutes do you play soccer during a game?

1 hour and 30 mintues

How many mintues are in 4 hours?

240 mintues

What fraction is 30 mintues?

30 is an integer and the only sensible way to represent it is as an integer: 30 minutes. The is no obvious requirement to change the measurement units. If this is required then you need to specify the units into which the quantity is to be converted This is particularly important in in this case where the convenient unit might be an hour but the SI standard is a second. Or you could be thinking of degrees, minutes and seconds.

What is the answwer to 30 percent turned into a fraction?

30% turned into fraction = 30/100 or 3/10 30% = 30%/100% = 30/100 or 3/10 in fraction

30 as a fraction?

As an improper fraction it is simply 30/1

How many hours and mintues are an 225 mintues?

3 hours and 45 minutes

How do you change 30 percent to a fraction?

30 percent to a fraction = 3/1030%= 30%/100%= 3/10 in fraction