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30% more than 500ml = 650ml.

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Q: What is 30 percent more than 500ml?
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What is 30 percent of 500ml?

30 percent of (500 ml) = 150mL

What is more 30 percent or 1.00 percent?

30% is more than 1%.

How do you determine the number of grams of an active ingredient in a solution based on the percent strength?

500ml of 30% solution

What number is 3 more than 30 percent of 90?


What percent more than 80 is 104?

104 is 30% more than 80.

Fats should provide no more than how much of your total calorie intake?

30 percentno more than 30%

What is 36 percent more than 30?


Hlangwani earns 30 percent more than mkhacani Risenga earns 60 percent more then mkhacani how much percent the salary earned by risenga more than that earned by hlangwani?


What is 200 percent more than 30?

200% of 30 is 6000 and so 6000+30 = 6030

Which is more 0.3 or 22 percent?

0.3 = 30%, which is more than 22%

What is 30 percent more than 50 dollars?


Is a mobile phone 30 percent more likely to be stolen than money?

Mobile Phones are 30% more likely to be stolen than money.

What is 20-30 percent more than 14?

20-30% more than 14 would be 16.8-18.2.

What is the volume of water in a 500 ml bottle of rubbing alcohol that has a concentration of 70 percent by volume?

30% x 500ml = 150ml water content

What percent of people remember what they hear but more than 50 percent of what they see and hear?


What is more 30 percent or one half?

Expressed as a percentage, 1/2 is equal to 50 percent. Therefore, one half is bigger than 30 percent.

Which is more one third or 30 percent?

one third is greater than 30% because one third in percent form is 33%

Which is more 30 over 70 or 45 percent?

45% is greater than 30/70

What percent of your calories a day can be fat?

Its recommended to be no more than 30%.

A person should not eat more than 30 percent of calories from fat in order to keep a healthy true or false?

It is true that a person should not eat more than 30 percent of calories from fat in order to keep healthy.

What is 30 percent more than 120?

156... without using a calculator !

What percent of Pakistanis have more than 1 cars at their home?


What is 30 percent more than 575?

575 x 1.3 = 747.5

Which is lower 20 percent or 30 percent?

20 percent is lower than 30 percent.

Nutritionists suggest that no more than percent of your daily calories should come from fat?

yes they suggest no more than 30%

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