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5 percent i got it off of the worlds best math book so trust me

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Q: What is 30 percent of an angle corresponding to the percent of a circle?
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What angle is 30 percent?

Well, I will assume that you are asking what angle is 30 % of a full circle, which is equal to 360 degrees. Therefore, you need to figure out what 30% of 360 degrees is by multiplying 360 degrees times .30 (30% changed to a decimal). That answer would be 108.00. Drop the zeros and you get 108. So 108 degree angle is 30%.

How many percent of a circle is three tenths of a circle?


What percent of a circle is one sixth?


What percent of Norway is within the Arctic Circle?

about 30%

How many sectors would be formed by a circle if each sector had a central angle of 30 degrees 20?

If each sector has a central angle of 30 degrees then 360/30 = 12 sectors

What is the length of the minor arc if the angle in the circle is 90 and the radius of the circle is 15?

The total circumference of the circle is (2 pi R) = 30 pi.The central angle of 90° is 90/360 = 1/4 of the circle.The minor arc = 30 pi/4 = 23.562 (rounded)

If the side opposite a 30 percent angle in a right triangle is 12.5 meters how long is the hypotenuse round to the nearest tenth?

sin 30 = 0.5 12.5/0.5 = 25 metres you said 30 percent angle but i took it as degrees

Is it possible for an arc with a central angle of 30 degrees in one circle to have a greater arc length than an arc with a central angle of 150 degrees in another circle?

It is certainly possible. All you need is a the second circle to have a radius which is less than 20% of the radius of the first.

What is the angle between each capsule on the London Eye?

this ics simple we know the London eye is a circle shape and a circle has 360 degrees in it. also we know London eye has twelve capsules seprated equally across the circle frame. So all you need to do is 360 divide 12 = 30 degrees. So each capsule has a 30 degree angle

Find the length of arc subtended by a central angle of 30 degrees in a circle of radius of 10 cm?


What is the measure of the angle formed by two tangents drawn to a circle from an external point if they intersect a minor arc whose measure is 150 degrees?

Assuming the measure of the arc refers to the angle at the centre of the circle, the answer is 180 - 150 = 30 degrees.

What is the relation between the arc length and angle for a sector of a circle?

A sector is the area enclosed by two radii of a circle and their intercepted arc, and the angle that is formed by these radii, is called a central angle. A central angle is measured by its intercepted arc. It has the same number of degrees as the arc it intercepts. For example, a central angle which is a right angle intercepts a 90 degrees arc; a 30 degrees central angle intercepts a 30 degrees arc, and a central angle which is a straight angle intercepts a semicircle of 180 degrees. Whereas, an inscribed angle is an angle whose vertex is on the circle and whose sides are chords. An inscribed angle is also measured by its intercepted arc. But, it has one half of the number of degrees of the arc it intercepts. For example, an inscribed angle which is a right angle intercepts a 180 degrees arc. So, we can say that an angle inscribed in a semicircle is a right angle; a 30 degrees inscribed angle intercepts a 60 degrees arc. In the same or congruent circles, congruent inscribed angles have congruent intercepted arcs.

What type of angle is this measure A equals 30?

An angle with 30 degrees is an acute angle.

In circle O the area of the sector with central angle AOB is 30 pi cm squared and radius OA is 6 cm. What is the angle measure of arc AB and the length of AB?

The area of the whole circle is PI x 6 squared which equals 36 PI. We can now use the ratio 30/36 = x/360 to find the angle (360 is the full angle if the circle, x is the angle of the segment, pi's cancell out) If we solve for x we get 300 degrees which is the angle we need. As for the length, the circles circumference is 12 PI (12 is the diameter). This means that 30/36= AB/12PI AB=10PI

What is 15 percent of 30 percent?

15 percent of 30 percent = 0.15 x 30 percent = 4.5 percent

Show you a 30 degree angle?

30 degree angle

39 Clues Mission 9 Grappling Hook angles?

The angle has to be 30 degrees and the force has to be 90 percent.

What is 60 - 30 percent?

60 - 30 percent = 30

What angle is clock when it hits 1 o clock?

When the angle hits 1:00, the angle is 30 degrees. This is figured out by dividing 360 (a circle's measurement in angles) by 12 (the number of hours). Since there is only one hour, there are 360/12=30 degrees.

How do you make an equal lateral triangles in a circle?

draw the diameter draw a line making a 30 degrees angle from one side of the diameter draw another one making a 30 degrees angle from the other side of the diameter join the points where these two lines intersect the circle.

What is a 45 degree angle?

a 45 degree angle is less than a 90 degree angle and more than a 30 degree angle Its like cutting a round Pizza into 8 equal slices, one of the slices is a 45 degree angle, two slices would be a 90 degree angle. 360 degrees is the circle of the whole pizza. It doesn't matter the size of the circle, or Pizza if its easier, the angles will still be the same.

What is 30 percent of 30 percent?

30% of 30% = 0.09 or 9%

Is a 30 degree angle congruent to a 30 degree angle?


What's the takeoff for a 30 degree angle?

The takeoff for a 30 degree angle will depend with the offset angle.

How much of an angle is 30 degrees?

An angle of 30 degrees is an acute angle because it is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees