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30 times 4 equals 120

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Q: What is 30 x4?
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How many 2'x4' ceiling tile wil be needed in a room 20' x 30' long?

75 2'x4'=8' squared 20'x 30'= 600' squared 600/8=75

What are the dimensions of a 25 kg bag cement?

20" x 30" x4"

What is 4-x4?

4-x4 = 0

How many gallons in 10'x4'x4' rectangle?

1,197 gallons.

I want to convert 4'x4'x4' area into liters?

1817 litres

How many gallons of water are in a 4'x4'x4' fish tank?


What is the square root of x to the 8th power?

The square roots of x8 are x4 and -x4 .x4 is the square root of x8

What does X4 mean in math?


What is the difference between 4x and X4?


Is 4 a solution to the inequality x4?

x4 is not an inequality.

What is x4 divided by the square root of x4?


What is the Greatest Common Factor of x6 and x4?

The GCF is x4

How many cubic feet is a room 6'x4'x4'?

The equation is exactly how you have written it: 6 x 4 x 4 = 96 cubic feet

What is the derivative of 10 divided by x cubed?

10/x3 = 10 x-3d/dx(10x-3) = -30 x-4 = -30/x4

What are the piano notes for someone like you?

A C* E C* X4 G* C* E C* X4 F* C* high F* C* X4 A D F* D X4

How much water in a pool 10'X20'x4'?


How do you factor x to the 8th-9?

(x4 - 3)(x4 + 3)

What is the square root of x to the fourth?

sqrt(x4) = x4/2 = x2

Which expression is equivalent to x8-256?


Factor of 1-x4?

1 - x4 = (1 - x2)(1 + x2) = (1 - x)(1 + x)(1 + x2) (difference of squares)

How many square feet in a 4'x4' room?

16ft. 16ft.

How many cubic yards are in a rectangle 10'x6'x4?


What is the cubic feet in 6'x3'x4'?

72 cubic feet

How do you factor x4?

x times x times x times x = x4

How many gallons in a 20'x4' round pool?

9,440 gallons.