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it doesn't cu ft requires ftxftxft 3 measurements


33 cu in = 0.019 cu ft

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Q: What is 33 inches equal to in cubic feet?
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What does 32 in.Β³ equal?

It is equal to 33 cubic inches

How much does 33 inches equal in feet?

33 inches=2.75 feet

How many cubic feet are in 23 by 33 inches?

The area of 23 inches times 33 inches is 759 square inches. That cannot be converted to a volume in cubic feet.

How many feet and inches is equal to 33 inches?

33 inches = 2 feet 9 inches

How many cubic feet is 67 inches high 33 inches wide and 34 deep?

67 inches high 33 inches wide and 34 deep is 43.5 cubic feet.

How to find how many feet 33 inches make?

12 inches is equal to 1 foot so therefore, 33 inches is equal to 2.75 feet

33 inches by 66 inches equal how many cubic feet?

If you are talking about two dimensions, length and width, the answer would be in square feet not cubic feet which is a measurement of three dimensional volume. 33 inches x 66 inches = 2178 square inches. There are 12 x 12 = 144 square inches in each square foot, so 2178/144 = 15.125 square feet.

How many inches in 33 feet?

There are 12 inches in one foot. Therefore, 33 feet is equal to 33 x 12 = 396 inches.

How many cubic feet in a 3 inch diameter cylinder 33 inches tall?

0.135 cubic feet

What will a balloon that has a volume of 6 cubic inches at 99 feet have when it is at 33 feet?


A Sealed balloon filled with air that has a volume of 6 cubic inches at 99 feet will have a volume of what at 33 feet?


How many cubic feet is a refrigerator if it is 29 inches high 33 inches wide 30 inches deep?

Volume is 29 x 33 x 30 = 28710 cubic inches 1 cubic foot = 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 cubic inches So 28710 cubic inches = 28710/1728 = 16.614 cubic feet

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