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Thirty-six inches is equal to three feet and one yard.

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Q: What is 36 inches in other measurements?
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What does 36 24 36 mean?

It could be the measurements of a woman, bust 36 inches, waist 24 inches, hips 36 inches.

What is 36 24 36?

36 24 36 are the ideal 'perfect' (whatever that is) measurements for a woman. 36 inches around the bosom, 24 inches around the waist, 36 inches around the waist.

What are scarlett johansson's measurements?

Scarlett Johansson's measurements are height-160 cm, 36-25-36 inches, Weight-57 kg, and Bra Size -32DD, these are her presently known measurements.

Angelina Jolie breast measurements?

36 inches(36C), or 91,4 cm

How you can prove 1yards 36 inches?

Look in any source that lists the units in the English system of measurements. There you'll find the definition of the "yard", which is defined as 36 inches.

What is the area of a rectangle with these measurements Length 54 inches by Width 36 inches?

1944 in. Length x Width = Area

What are the measurements for a 2o gallon tank?

Approximately 36 x 24 x 6 inches.

What is the Cubic ft of 36 by 36 by 36?

Volume is calculated by length times width times height, which in this case is 36x36x36=46,656. Now if the measurements are in feet, this is your answer. If the measurements are 36 inches then you convert from cubic inches to cubic feet by dividing by: (12in/ft)x(12in/ft)x12(in/ft)=1728in3/ft3. 46,656in3/(1728in3/ft3)=27 ft3. Alternatively, assuming the measurements are in inches, you can divide 36in/(12in/ft)=3ft, then you can multiply: 3ftx3ftx3ft=27ft3.

What is the unit of measurement for 36 inches?

The inch. 1 in = 25.4 mm 36 in = 1 yard Inches, yards, miles are Imperial measurements based on a system in Britain. It is still used in the USA

What are Tamron Hall's measurements?

Tamron Hall's measurements are 36-27-36.

Dimensions of plastic 55 gallon drum?

The drum should measure 23 inches diameter 36 inches height These are all external measurements.

How are yards and feet related?

yards and feet is unit of lengths 1 yard=3 feet.

What is Fantasia's measurements?

Fantasia is a well known actress and professional singer. Her estimated measurements are 36 26 40. She is approximately 5 ft 3 inches in height.

What is the 36 linear inch mean for the carry on luggage?

It means that the sum of the length, breadth and height of the luggage is 36 inches. The individual measurements cannot be determined.

What are the measurements of a regular duct tape wallet?

Well it depends on what you like...........other people use other measurements but the measurements that are most common (or that I've heard anyways) is 3 by 8 inches for a Bi-fold. For a tri-fold I use 10 inches by3 and a quarter inches. Hope this helped:)

What are Angelina Jolies measurements?

According to her IMDB biography (see related link below) her measurements (before pregnancy) were 36C-27-36 It is 38, 25, 38.Inches.

What are the measurements of Angelina Jolie?

She's 5 feet 7 inches tall she weighs 129 lbs her hips measure 36 inches her waist measures 27 inches and she has a 36C breast.

How long is 3 feet?

36 inches or one yard.36 inches or one yard.36 inches or one yard.36 inches or one yard.36 inches or one yard.36 inches or one yard.

What is the measurements of a cubic yard?

36" x 36" x 36"

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What is scarlett johansson's waist measurements?

Scarlett Johansson is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 120 pounds. Her measurements are 37-26-36, and her shoe size is 9.5.