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It is 19/50 of an inch as a fraction in its simplest form

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Q: What is 38 of an inch?
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.38 inches is what fraction of an inch?

.38 inches is 19/50 of an inch.

How many centimeters does a 38 inch chest have?

38 inches X 2.54 cm/inch = 97 cm

38 inch equal how many mm?

38 in = 965.2mm

What is the radius of a 38 inch circle?

It is customary to call a circle a 38 inch circle if its diameter is 38 inches. If that is the case, the radius = diameter/2 = 19 inches.

How many inch's is 38 centimeters?

38 centimeters=14.9606299 inches

How much is 38 inch in meters?

38 inches = 0.9652 meters.

How many centimeters is 38 inches?

38 inch = 96.52 centimeter

What part of an inch is a 38 caliber cartridge?

This might get a little confusing. A TRUE .38 caliber cartridge will be 38/100ths of an inch in diameter. HOWEVER, the cartridge CALLED the .38 Special is not quite that large- it is .357 inches in diameter, or 357/100ths of an inch- just over a third of an inch, or a little more than 9 millimeters.

What was Elvis waist size?

From a 32 inch to a 38 inch in 1977

How many inches is 38-43cm?


How Many inches is 55 centimeters x 38 centimeters x 20 centimeters?

Equals (55/2.54) inch x (38/2.54) inch x (20/2.54) inch

What is the circumference of a 38 inch diameter?

It is 119.38052083641213.

What will the dimensions of a 1 and five eighths inch by 4 inch rectangle be if it is enlarged 38 percent?

The answer depends on whether it is the linear dimensions that are increased by 38% or the area.

Could you use a .38 inch bit to make a pilot home for a 5 mm bolt?

No, it is way too big for a pilot hole as 5 mm = 0.20 inch which is smaller than .38 inch

What is the width of a 700 38 in mm?

The width of a 700 times 38 inch in mm would 622mm. This is math.

What do ammunition numbers mean?

They measure the width of the gun barrel in fractions of an inch. A 38 caliber will be .38 of an inch. The bullet projectile itself is a little less wide.

What size was Anna Nicole smith?

36DD 26 inch waist and 38 inch hips

How 38 inch thick CD cases will fit in a 12 inch long shelf?

32 of them.

What size is a 38 inch waist?


What is Austin rivers vertical leap?

38 inch

What is the perimeter of square 6in by 13 in?

38 inch

What is the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 38 inches?

12 inch diameter(also 6 inch radius).

What is 38 inch in meters?

38 inches is close to 1 (0.9652) meter.

What is the diameter of a 38 caliber shell?

Even though it's called a .38, it's actually .357 of an inch in diameter.

What diameter is 380 auto?

Its about .355 thousandths of an inch, roughly 36 caliber. One would think it would be closer to 38 caliber (.38 hundredths of an inch) but that might refer to the diameter of the brass case the holds the bullet. In other parts of the world, .380 is called 9mm Short. Even the revolver round .38 Special is actually 357 thousands of an inch, not 38.