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This is a Ditloid.

The answer is 3 Stripes for a Sergeant.
3 Stacks (Chimneys) on a Steam Ship

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Q: What is 3 S for a S?
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What does 3's stand for in math?

3's are counting by 3's you can count like this 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30

How many 1's in 3?

There are 3 1's in 3.

What is s-5 equals 3?

If s-5=3 then the value of s is 8 !

What is S to the 3rd power- 3s to the 2nd power plus 9s-27?

s3 - 3s2 + 9s - 27 = s2(s - 3) + 9(s - 3) = (s - 3)(s2 + 9) or = (s - 3)(s2 - (9i2) = (s - 3)(s - 3i)(s + 3i) if you want to find for what values of s the expression equals to zero, then this happens when s - 3 = 0 or s - 3i = 0 or s + 3i = 0 s = 3, ±3i

Use the function s=w-3 to find the value of s when w=5?

s = 5-3 s = 2

What is 3 less than a number s?


What is 3 i s in a s t?

3 sides in a Triangle

What is the equation of 6s equals s plus 3?

s + 3 = 6s -s -s ------------- 3 = 5s /5 /5 s=3/5 or s=.6

Can you solve the ditloid I S 3 S?

I Saw 3 Ships

What does s equals 3 ft mean?

s=3 ft

What is the answer to the ditloid 3 S on a S S?

3 Stacks (Chimneys) on a Steam Ship



How do you make two 3's and two 8's equal 24?


What is the average speed of the object from t equals 0 s to t equals 3 s?

3 m/s

Which has more surface area one cell with s-3 or 27 cells each with s-1?


What is the least common multiple of 3's 6's and 7's?

The LCM of 3, 6 and 7 is 42.

What is the answer for this euqation s 4-3?

Without an equality sign it is not an equation but if you mean s = 4-3 then s = 1

What is the expression of 3 times the circumference of the softball?

It is 3*S where S is the circumference of the softball.

How do you get 13 using 4 3's?

3! + 3! + 3/3

How do you get 5 with 4 3's?

3 + 3 - 3/3 = 5

How can you get 13 using three 3's?


Find the solution of equations for 9 equals 6 plus s-3?

If 9=6+s-3... then s=6

What is rank of a s-3 in us navy?

S-3 stands for seamen third class.

What is the S-3 office in the army?

S-3 is the personnel (management) office of a Battalion or Brigade.

When an RC driving point impedance function has zeros at s -2 and s-5 then the admissible poles for the function would be?