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3 cause & effects in chapters 6&7

of Charlotte's Web

  • Chapter 6: Cause and Effects
  • Templeton asks if he can have the dud egg; Goose and Gander threaten him if he comes near a gosling
  • Because Fern is out of school; she visits the barnyard daily
  • Templeton has to be careful not to break the dud egg; as it would stink dearly bad to high heavens
  • Chapter 7: Cause and Effects
  • News from the sheep; they tell Wilbur the pig Zuckerman plans to kill and eat Wilbur
  • As the days on the farm go by; Wilbur grows fonder of Charlotte, the spider
  • Since Charlotte is a thinker; she calms Wilbur down and tells him she'll come up with the best plan to save him
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