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3 inches is exactly 6 half-inches with no pieces of another half-inch left over.

So there is no other half-inch that's closer to 3 inches than 3 inches already is.

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Q: What is 3 inches to the nearest one half inch?
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How many half inches in one inch?

There are two half-inches in one inch.

What is the nearest one quarter inch of an object that measures 4 in?

The nearest one quarter inch of an object that measures 4 inches is four inches.

What is 6.687898089171975 in rounded to the nearest one-eighth inch?

6.687898089171975 inches rounded to the nearest one-eighth inch is 6.75

What is 1 inch of 1 inch and a half?

One inch would be the equivalent of two thirds of the total length of one and one half inches.

What is half of 2 inches?

One inch

What is five inches rounded to the nearest one-fourth of an inch?

5 inches. JHC!

How do you write one inch and half?

1.5 inches

Three fourth inches minus one half inch?

1/4 inch or 0.25 inch

What is the meaning of onehalf inch?

One half inch is half of one inch (½ inch) - approximately 1.27 cmThis should not be confused with one and a half inch which is 1½ inches - approx 3.8 cm

What is the measure of a paper clip to the nearest half inch?

one inch Depending on the size of the paper clip, I would say 1 inch or 1.5 inches or 2 inches, somewhere in that range. The clip I am looking at right now is 1.25 inches long.

How many inches is in one half?

1/2 an inch

Is one eighth inch closest to 0 inches half or 1?

If 0, half or 1 refers to inches, the answer is 0.

Is half an inch on a ruler equal to 1 centimeter?

No. 1 cm is 0.39 inches. One half inch is 1.27 cm.

Is 0.38 inches close to a quarter inch?

It is closer to a half inch then a quarter inch. It is bigger than one third of an inch.

How many millimeters equals one half inch?

12.7 inches

Is point 5 inches equal to one half of an inch?


How do you write one and a half-thousandths of an inch in decimal?

It is 0.0015 inches.

What is one half inch multiply by three fourths inch equal?

3/8 inches sq

How many eighths of an inch are in two and a half inches?

8 eighths of an inch equal one inch. So 2 inches contain 16 eighths of an inch. Half of eight is four, so half an inch contains four eighths of an inch. 16 + 4 = 20 eighths of an inch.

What is the answer Karina has 8 and one half inch by 11 inch sheet of paper she wants to leave a 3 4ths of an inch margin on all 4 sides of the paper what are the dimensions of the remaining area?

Well 8 and one half inch equals 8.5 inches.3 4th of an inch equals .75 inch.So 8.5 inches minus .75 inch equals 7.75 inches7.75 inches minus another .75 inch equals 7 inches11 inches minus .75 inch equals 10.25 inches10.25 inches minus another .75 inch equals 9.5 inchesSo then the dimensions would be 7 inches by 9.5 inchesor7 inches by 9 and one half inches.

How many inches in one cetemeter?

none. there is 2 and a half centemetres in an inch

How many one half inches make up 1 inch?


What is half of one and three quarters inches?

7/8 inch

How many inches is half a centimeter?

It is a bit less than one fourth of one inch.

6.5 inches equals how many inches?

six and a half? Yes 6.5" is 6" plus one half of an inch. (6" plus 1/2") = 6.5 inches

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