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3 less than twice n is 2n-3

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Q: What is 3 less than twice n?
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Related questions

If 14 is eight less than twice n what is n?


How do you write three times the quantity five less than a number equals 11 more than twice a number?

3*(n - 5) = 2*n + 11

What is 5 less than twice a number?

Given a number N, you would have: 2*N - 5

What equation is starting with two every consecutive line has a number that is one less than twice the previous line?

It is Un = 2^(n-1) + 1 for n = 1, 2, 3, ...

How do you write an algebraic expression for 9 less than twice the quotient of a number n and 6?

2n/6 - 9 or n/3 - 9

Is n-3 and 3 plus n equal?

n-3 is three less than n; 3+n is three more than n They can never be equal

For what values of n will the sum n plus 3 be less than 50?

If or N can equal any number less than 47 (as N+ 3<50 then N<(50-3))This included the car of N+3 = 50. If this is not permitted then N-46

What expression represent ten less than twice a number n?


The quotientof a number and 3 less than the number?

n ÷ (n - 3)

What is 3 less than a number?

n - 3

What is the answer to 3 less than a number?

n - 3

What is an equation for this problem Three less than twice of what number is -7?

2n-3=(-7) 2n=-4 n=-2

What is 7 less than twice a number?

If the number is n then twice the number is 2n and 7 less than twice the number is 2n - 7This could also be a boolean variable based on another variable. If the number is less than or equal to 3.5, the variable is false. Otherwise, it is true.

The sum of four and twice a number is no less than twenty?

4 + 2*n ≥ 20

Twice the sum of a nimber and 4 is less than 12?

2(n + 4) < !2 n + 4 < 6 n < 2

What expression shows 8 less than 3 divided by a number n?


Ratio of square numbers to numbers with 4 factors?

As N approaches infinity the ratio of squares less than N to numbers with 4 factors less than N approaches 0. This means that in the customary way of defining it, the ratio you're interested in is 0 (although that should be taken with a grain of salt - it certainly doesn't mean that there are 0 square numbers). The number of squares less than N is approximately √N. Rather than calculating the ratio we're interested in, we're going to calculate a calculate a ratio guaranteed to be greater: the ratio of squares to numbers that are twice a prime number (which are some, but not all, of the numbers with 4 factors). There are approximately N/ln N prime numbers less than N, by the prime number theorem. So there are N/(2 ln N/2) prime numbers less than N/2, which can be doubled to get a number less than N that's twice a prime number. The ratio is therefore √N(2 ln N/2)/N, which is O(ln N/√N). √N grows much faster than ln N, and in the limit this ratio will get close to zero. So the ratio we're actually interested in, which is even less than this ratio, will also approach zero.

What is three less than a number?

n - 3

What expression represents twice a number n plus three?

twice a number n is 2n plus 3 is + 3 → twice a number n plus 3 is 2n + 3.

What is the sum of a number and three less than nineteen less the number?

n + [(n - 19) - 3] = 2n - 22

Five less than twice a number is 7?

If the number is N then 2N - 5 = 7 then 2N = 12 so that N = 6

What is Five less than three times the length n?

It is 3*n - 5.

How do you write three less than an unknow number?

less than means subtraction. so n - 3

What is the algebraic expression for 3 less than some number?


3 less than the product of 4 and n?

The equation = 4n-3

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