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it is .67 not 6.7 but .67

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Q: What is 3 over four equal to 8 over twelve?
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Can The fraction four twelve equal to 3 wholes?

No, it cannot.

How do you turn 12 over 4 into a whole number?

Twelve over four is the same thing as twelve divided by four. This equals 3.

What is 1 over twelve plus 3 over four?


What is fourteen over fifteen minus four over twelve?


What does twelve minus six and four sevenths equal?

5 and 3/7

Is three fours equal to nine twevles in fractions?

Three fours (12) is not equal to nine twelves (108). However, three over four (3/4) is equal to nine over twelve (9/12) which are known as equivalent fractions to each other.

What is three over negative twelve plus nine equal to?

8 and 3/4

What does three over four equal?

3 / 4 is equal to 0.75 or 75%

What is three over four plus seven over twelve?

The sum of 3/4 and 7/12 = 1 1/3

What is the equivalent fraction for four over twelve?

4/12 is equivalent to 1/3

What is four over twelve times nine?

4/12 x 9 = 3

How many times around the track does it take to equal 3 miles?

Twelve, one mile is four laps (:

What does eight over twenty-four equal?


What is 1 over 3 times four over eleven equal?


What does twelve-thirds equal?

12/3 = 4/1 because 3 goes into 12 four times. Therefore, 12/3 equals 4.

What does negative 3 and positive four over negative 6 equal?

-3 and 2/3

What is four over five multiplied by three over eight equal?

0.3 or 3 over 10.

What does 5 over 2 plus 3 over 2 equal?

5 over 2 plus 3 over 2 = four (4).

What is one over four plus seven over twelve equal?

That is written as 1/4 + 7/12. First multiply the first fraction by 3 to get the same denominator. That would then leave you with 3/12 + 7/12. That answer is 10/12, which can be reduced to 5/6.

What Is 5 over 4 divided by 1 over 3?

Fifteen over four. Multiplied by one over three it would be five over twelve.

What is four over two equal in simplest form?

2, lol :3

What is three over four divided by nine equal?

8 and 1/3

What does Six over seven plus four equal?

3 1/7

What is three over four equivalent to?

3 / 4 is equal to 0.75 or 75%

What is twelve divided by four?

3 Twelve divided by four is three. Think of times tables. Four multiplied by three is twelve so do it backwards to find the division.

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