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3 tenths is 0.3

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Q: What is 3 tenths in numbers?
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Related questions

Where do i put the Decimal for three tenths?

Parts of a number like 3 tenths always go on the right side of the decimal point. Whole numbers go on the left side of the decimal point 3 tenths = .3

How do you write these mixed numbers as decimals 3 and 5 tenths?

3 5/10 = 3 1/2 = 3.5

What is difference between tens and tenths?

tens = numbers that are multiples of 10 (e.g. 10, 20, 30). tenths = numbers that are parts of 10 (e.g. 1/10, 3/10, etc.).

What is Two and seven tenths plus one and sixth tenths?

Add the tenths together to get 13/10... This gives you 1 and 3/10... Now - add in the whole numbers from the original sum, and you get 4 and 3./10

What you seven tenths in numbers?

Seven tenths = 0.7

What is 9 tenths of 3?

9/10 of 3 = 2.7

What is three tenths times three tenths?

0.09 No it's 9/100 (nine hundredths) 3/10 * 3/10 = 9/100 Multiply the two top numbers together and then the two bottom numbers together and you'll have your answer.

Write in numbers two and three tents?

Two and three tenths = 2 3/10

What is the value of 3 in 0.3495?

3 tenths

How many tenths are there in 2.4?

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What is larger three fifths or seven tenths?

no bich its 7 not 3

How many ft are in 3 tenths of a mile?

There are 1584 feet in 3 tenths of a mile.

What fraction of one pound is 30p?

3 tenths (3/10)

What is the value of the 3 in 0.367 in words?

The value of the digit 3 is 'three tenths'

What is the numbers of five and six tenths?

Five and six tenths = 5.6

How many ones are in 3 tenths?

If you are referring to ones being 1 then it is simply 3 tenths because 1*(3/10) = 3/10 so there are 3 tenths of a one in 3 tenths

How do you write three tenths of sixty in numbers?

3/10 = 0.3 0.3 * 60 = 18

Which number has 3 tenths?

well,0.34,0.30,0.31,0.32,0.33,0.34,0.35,0.36,0.37,0.38,and 0.39,are pretty much all the shortest three tenth numbers.

Is 8 tenths less than 3 tenths?

No, 8 tenths equals 0.8 whereas 3 tenths equals 0.3.

How many tenths equal to 3?

10 tenths = 1, so 30 tenths = 3.

How many fifths are in four tenths?

There are two fifths in four tenths.

In 54.37 in which place is the 3?

Its positional place value is 3/10 = three tenths

What is the answer for 4 tenths plus 3 tenths?

It is: 7 tenths

What is the sum of the decimal numbers two and three tenths and eight and nine tenths?


What is 3-tenths repeated as a fraction?