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3 1/2 x 1 1/4

7/2 x 5/4

35/8 or 4 3/8

Alternatively, let's do it as a decimal problem. 3.5 x 1.25 = 4.375

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Q: What is 3 wholes and one half times 1 whole and one fourth?
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What is 1 half plus 3 fourth plus 3 fourth?

2 wholes

How many half are in 6 whole?

Six wholes can be split into 12 halves

How do you divide 2 wholes and a half?

To divide 2 wholes and a half, you would have to divide the 2 wholes into equal parts and then divide the half as well. For example, if you divide each whole into 4 equal parts, you would have 8 parts in total. Distribute 2 parts to each whole, resulting in 4 parts for the wholes. Then, divide the half into 2 parts, adding to a total of 6 parts.

Why is a half of 2 1 whole?

2 is 2 wholes. It can be broken into two pieces of 1 whole. One of those two pieces is one whole. Half of 2 is 1.

What fraction is one half added to eight wholes?

Each whole is two halves, so eight wholes are sixteen halves. Adding one half makes the total seventeen halves. Reducing this, of course, is simply eight and one-half.

How many halves are the sames as 3 wholes and 1 half?

The answer would be 7 because each whole is equal to 1 half also 3 wholes and 1 half is a mixed number which would be in standard 3 1/2.

What is a half of 23?

11.5- You find half of 44 and add .5 to make a whole when the two are added together, to make 23 wholes.

What is the Improper fraction for three wholes and one half?

improper fraction f0r three wholes and one half = 7/2

What is one fourth times one fourth?

Two fourth which is also called one half

What is two wholes and a half times 49 times 4 equals?

2½ × 49 × 4 = (2½ × 4) × 49 = 10 × 49 = 490.

What is 2 and 1 half plus 4 wholes?

six and a half

How do you measure one fourth?

One fourth means fourth part of an unit, it can be measure as 1/4