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3divided ll49 = 0.061224489795918366

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Q: What is 3divided ll49?
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3divided by 57963 = 5.175715542673774e-05

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3divided by 82 = 0.036585365853658534

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3divided by 723 in problem workout = 0.004149377593360996

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What is three divided by one third

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-3/8-1 = -24

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What is 103 and 2 3divided by two ps 2 3 equals two-thirds?

51 and five-sixths

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What added to 7divided by 10 gives 1 and 3 divided by 10?

What added to 7divided by10 gives 1 and 3divided by 10?

What is 2 and 2 over 3divided by 1 and 3 over5 5?

8/3 x 5/8 = 5/3 or 1 and 2/3

What is the log of base 2?

for example x=log of(3)2 then 2x=3 so 3divided by 2 and answer is 1.5

Did Joan of arc have a sister?

Yes, her name was Catherine. It is not known if she was a female Knight like Ste Jeanne. Both the Spanish and the Italians had some female knights almost all were of the nobility from start. there was the Spanish order of the hatchet (ll49 ad) and one of the better known Italian ( Donna Battaglias) ( Battle Ladies) was Matilda , countess of Tuscany. she survived her missions and eventually was buried in a church in Rome, but is nowhere near as popular as the heroine of Rheims.

Who was the first woman to ever become a knight?

Charlemagne had a Lady Bradamante- who alledgely died in the field ( in combat) in 778 A.D. Obviously, she was a mistress of the then French War Lord- he was not crowned King until 800 AD. Charlemagne had a female Knight centuries before France produced Joan Of Arc. There were Spanish Cavalleras of the Order of the Hatchet- established ll49 AD. Some day one of these Ladies In Armor will be exhumed- and will that shake up the museums. Once a Knight is not enough- might be a jocular cry.

Who was a girl like Joan of Arc?

There were several female Knights, if you will- among them Queen Isabella of Spain, who was definitely iln the field, and also sponsored an ambulance corps in the Spanish Army- still extant, then of course, Horse-drawn. She rode a Palomino horse and in her honor, they are referred to as Isabellas in Spanish-Speaking lands. Isabella survived her campaigns and died of natural causes in l504. Other distaff knights included Eleanor of Aquitaine, Matilda of Tuscany ( an Italian Girl!) and a few others. there was an entire order of female knights in Spain called the Order of the Hatchet- established ll49. All of these were restricted to those of Noble family birth or descent and all did quite well. I am surprised no movies were done about real life Girl KniKnights other than Joan of Arc, who seems to monopolize the genre.

Is there a famous woman knight?

Joan of Arc is the best-known. Also in the female Knight- Lady Knight or whatever you might call it category were Queen Isabella I of Spain, who went afield as a Queen at Arms!- There were others including Isabell de Montfort who was also a crossbow expert. They were never really standard militia or anything, but Women did answer the call to arms- and were of the nobility. There was an entire order of Girl Knights called the Order of the Hatchet- founded in Spain in ll49 AD. Look it up. One of these days=they are going to exhume a beautiful Girl knight- and will that shake up the museums! If she died in the field- she would have her boots on, would be in armor (and a skirt underneath showing she was a Girl) and other conventions might apply- there is something really touching about a hypothetical tomb effigy of a beautiful Girl Knight. They may have favored the feathered Minerva helmet- it is wonder woman stuff- in historical life!

How does a female become a female knight?

They were very rare. There was an all-female order of lady knights called the Order of the Hatchet in Spanish territory in ll49 AD. Almost all of the few female knights were of noble extraction- a good one who has oddly never been a subject for a movie was the Countess Matilda of Tuscany. She had about the command presence of a field grade officer- or Major. She certainly wore armor in the field and had the blessings of the church- in fact she is buried in a church. Oddly, the most famous of all female knights- Joan Of Arc, maybe because she as a peasant, was cast-off involved in conspiracies- and ultimately burned at the stake, She did not get the blessings of the church as Beata- until l909, and was not officially a Saint until l920. the exception proves the rule, so to speak. No such problems with Donna ( lady) Contessa Matilda! I could imagine Gina or Sophia as a Girl knight with an Italian flair- also Queen Isabella I of Spain wore armor in the field.