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Assuming you meant 7n (not just 7 at the end of your question) - first... simplify the equation. Numbers raised to powers get priority - so your new sum is... 5n - 64n + 25n + n + 7n.... This simplifies to... -26n

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Q: What is 3n squared minus 5n minus 4n cubed plus 5n squared plus n plus 7?
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What is 3n squared minus 8n plus 4 equal?

3n2-8n+4 = (3n-2)(n-2) when factored

How do you get 3 to the power of n plus 2 plus (3 to the power of n plus 3 minus 3 to the power of n plus 1)?

3n+2 + (3n+3 - 3n+1) = 3n+1+1 + (3n+1+2 - 3n+1) = 3*3n+1 + (9*3n+1 - 3n+1)= (3+9-1)*3n+1 = 11*3n+1.

3n -1 8 or 4n 3 - 1?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals", "squared", "cubed" etc. Please use "brackets" (or parentheses) because it is impossible to work out whether x plus y squared is x + y2 of (x + y) 2.

What is 16m 3n-6m 10n?

It is a algebraic expression which can be simplified depending on the plus or minus values of 3n and 10n which have not been given.

What is 3n squared?

(3n)2 = 9n2

How do you factor 12n2 plus 5n minus 2?

(4n - 1)(3n + 2)

How do you get this 3n plus 2 plus (3n plus 3 - 3n plus 1)?

3n + 2 + (3n + 3 - 3n + 1) = 3n + 2 + (3n + 3 - 3n + 1) = 3n + 2 + (4) = 3n + 6

What is 3N plus 2 plus 3N plus 2?


How do you factor 9n squared plus 6n equals 3?

3(3n - 1)(n + 1)

Find the sum of the given polynomials 5m plus 2n comma n minus 3m comma and 7 minus 3n What is the answer?

5m+2n, n-3m, 7-3n (5m+2n)+(n-3m)+(7-3n)=2m+7

Is 3n the gcf of 3n plus 7 and 9n?

No. 3n is not a factor of 3n + 7.

What is the greatest common factor of this pair of expressions 3n 12m squared n?

The GCF is 3n.

What is 3n squared minus 7n equals 0?

3n2 - 7n = 0 n(3n - 7) = 0 So either n = 0 or 3n-7 = 0 ie, either n = 0 or n = 7/3 = 21/3 = 2.33...

What is the gcf of 3n plus 7 and 9n?

No. 3n is not a factor of 3n + 7.

What is 2n plus 3n?

5n = 2n + 3n .

How do you factor nine n to the second power minus 121?

(9n2 - 121) = (3n + 11) (3n - 11)

The nth term of 3n plus 5?

is 3n +5 !

What is the factor of 6n squared plus 16n?

6n2 + 16n can be factorised to give 2n(3n + 8) so the highest factor is 2n.

The gcf of the expressions 3n plus 7 and 9n is 3n?

No. 3n isn't a factor of 3n + 7. The GCF of 3n + 7 and 9n is 1.

What is 3n plus 5n?


What is the trinomial of n2 -3n plus 2?


12m plus 3n-6m plus 7n?

12m + 3n - 6m + 7n6m + 10n

What is 8m plus 3n-5m plus 10n simplified?

8m + 3n - 5m + 10n = 3m +13n

7n - 2 plus 3n plus 4 equals?

7n - 2 + 3n + 4 = 7n + 3n - 2 + 4 = 10n + 2 which can be simplified to 2(5n +1)

What is the answer to this problem and how do you get the answer. 5 to the power of n squared plus 3n. n squared plus 3n is the whole power.?

It's kind of tough to look for the 'answer', because it's not even clear what the question is.All I can think of is: Somebody tells you what 'n' is, and then you're supposed tofigure out what number 5('n' squared + 3n) is. If that's the question, then of courseyou need to know what 'n' is before you can start on it.I'm, not at all sure that that's the question, but it's all I can think of, so here's an example:Let's say that 'n' is 1 .n2 = 13n = 3n2 + 3n = 45('n' squared + 3n) = 54 = 625That may not be too helpful, because, as I said above, the way you postedthe question, I can't see what the 'problem' (the assignment) is.