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It is: 3x2+6x-11 = 0

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Q: What is 3x squared plus 6x-3 equals 8 in the form of Ax squared plus Bx plus C equals 0?
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Simplify this polyinomal10x plus 8x-6x3 plus 4x2 plus 12x3-x plus 20?

10x + 8x - 6x3 + 4x2 + 12x3 - x add the like terms. all the x's are like terms. al the x squared are like terms. all the x cubed are liked terms. 6x3 + 12x2 + 9x

How do you factor 6x3-x2 plus 17 equals 2x2 plus 47?

6x3 - x2 + 17 = 2x2 + 47 6x3 - x2 - 2x2 = 47 - 17 x2(6x - 1 - 2) = 30 this is the simplest factorisation.

What is 6x plus 2 at x equals 3?

You don't know that?! If x=3, then 6x is 6x3. So 18 plus 2 is.....20!!

How do you factor 6x3-27x2 plus 3x plus 36?

6x3 - 27x2 + 3x + 36 = 3 (x - 4) (x + 1) (2x - 3)

-6x3 plus 4x7-0.8x2 plus x4-5x5?

-6x3 + 4x7 - 0.8x2 + x4 - 5x5 = 4x7 - 5x5 + x4 - 6x3 - 0.8x2 = x2 (4x5 - 5x3 + x2 - 6x - 0.8)

What is 6x3-5x2 plus 7x3 plus 4x2?

The answer is 37.

How do you factor 6x3 5x2-12x 40?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc. And using ^ to indicate powers (eg x-squared = x^2).

What x what equals 18?

18x1, 9x2, 6x3

What is the answer for this problem 7x2-6x3 for x equals 2?


What is the quotient and remainder when 6x cubed plus 29x squared -40x -42 is divided by 6x plus 5?

6x3+29x2-40x-42 divided by 6x+5 Quotient: x2+4x-10 Remainder: 8

What is the greatest common factor of 3x6 plus 6x5-9x4 plus 6x3?


What equals 18 in mutiplication?

18x1, 9x2, 6x3, 12x1.5, etc

What is the greatest common factor of 14x5 plus 6x3?


How do you write out the math sentence the product of a number and 3 equals 18?


What is the greatest common factor of the terms of the polynomial 14x5 plus 6x3?


What is f of x plus 1 if f of x equals 6x3 - 3x2 plus 4x - 9?

6*x^3+15*x^2+16*x-2 This is done by substituting (x+1) for x in the original equation and expanding those factors.

Factor 4x5 plus 6x3 plus 6x2 plus 9?

Rearrange: 4x5 + 6x2 + 6x3 + 9 Group: 2x2 (2x3 + 3) + 3 (2x3 + 3) Simplify to get your answer: (2x2 + 3) (2x3 + 3)

How do you factor 6x3 plus 24x5 plus 18x3?

24x^5 + 24x^3 = 24x^3(x^2 + 1)

What is 6x3 plus 12x plus 18 factorised?

6x³ +12x + 18 = 6(x + 1)(x² - x + 3)

What is the factor of 6x3-8x2-x plus 1?

(3x - 1)(2x2 - 2x - 1)

For what value of x would the quotient 3x4 plus 6x3 3x2 not make sense?


Integral of 6x to the third power plus 8 all to the 4th times 18x squared dx?

This can easily be integrated by substitution. Integrate[(6x3+8)418x2 dx] let u=(6x3+8) du/dx= 18x2 du=18x2 dx Substituting u in gives... Integrate [u4 du] = (1/5)(u5) + C Substituting x back in gives.. (1/5)(6x3+8)5 + C

What is 16 plus 3 plus 6x3?

(16 + 3) + (16 x 3) = 19 + 48 = 67

What are the possible zeros of 6x3-3x2 plus 12?


When this polynomial is simplified what is the coefficient of x2 5x2 plus 3x minis 6x3 plus 4x2 plus 2x minis x plus 10?

9. And the word is minus, not minis.