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There are 1000 meters in a kilometer, so multiply by 1000

4.8 * 1000 = 4800

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4.8 Km = 4,800 Meters. Drop the decimal point and add two zeros.

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Q: What is 4.8km turn into m?
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Top running speed is about 48km/h (approximately 30 mph) and they can jump over obstacles as high as 2 m.

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If a car decelerates from 96km/h to 48km/h at 2.68m/s/s, it is decelerating from 26.67m/s to 13.33m/s at 2.68m/s/s. The vehicle thus has to slow down 13.34 m/s (26.67-13.33), at a rate of 2.68m/s/s. Dividing 13.34m/s by 2.68m/s/s gives 4.98s It takes the car 4.98 seconds to decelerate from 96km/h to 48km/h at a rate of 2.68m/s/s

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Multiply by 1000

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If you have 104 KM it would turn out to be 109.4 M. This is taught in math.

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Yes, as does displacement. Examples, 45.5m/s [W], 655cm [N], 48km/ks [S]

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1 mile = 1.6 km Convert miles to kilometers by multiplying miles x 1.6km/mi. 30mi x 1.6km/mi = 48km 30mi/h = 48km/h 30mi/h is less than 60km/h.

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