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4/100 as a decimal is 0.04

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Q: What is 4 hundredths written in decimal notation?
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Related questions

Write 4/10 as hundredths in fraction form and decimal?


What is six hundred and four hundredths in decimal notation?

It is: 600 and 4/100 = 600.04

What is 3 tenths and 4 hundredths written as a decimal?


How can you write 4 hundredths as a decimal?

4 hundredths written as a decimal is 0.04

What is forty eight hundredths written as a decimal?

.48 4 is in the tenths place and 8 is in the hundredths place. 48 hundredths.

0.000487 in scientific notation?

Therefore, the decimal number 0.000487 written in scientific notation is 4.87 ร— 10-4 and it has 3 significant figures. Here are some more examples of decimal to ...

Decimal notation for 4 and 3 10?

decimal notation for 4 3/10 = 4.30

What is decimal for four hundredths?

4/100 as a decimal is 0.04

What is 4 tenths in a decimal notation?

4 tenths i decimal = 0.4

How do you four hundredths in a decimal'?

Firstly, examine the word "hundredths". This word means that the number is essentially divided by 100. So, we can express 4 hundredths as 4/100. Moreover, as a decimal form, 4/100 =.04.

How do you write 23 and 4 hundredths as a decimal?

It is: 23 and 4/100 = 23.04 as a decimal

What is 4 hundredths as a decimal?


What is 4 and 66 hundredths as a decimal?


What is 4 hundredths in decimal form?

It is 0.04

What is the decimal form for 1.73 times 10 to the power of 4?

1.73 × 104 written in regular notation is 17,300

How do you write twelve and fourteen hundredths in decimal form?

12.14 The whole-number part, 12, is the part left of the decimal point. The position first right of the decimal point is the tenths place; the position second right of the decimal point is the hundredths place. We can't write "14" in the single-column hundredths place. And in fact, 10 hundredths (10/100) is the same as one tenth (1/10), so we can write a "1" in the first position right of the decimal point to stand for the ten-hundredths portion of fourteen hundredths (10 of the 14 hundredths). And the remaining four hundredths (4/100) are indicated by the 4 in the hundredths place.

What is the decimal notation for 4 percent?

.04 = 4%

How is three and four hundredths written in a decimal form?

if you mean 3 4/100 its 3.04 - but if you mean 3 4/.01, you are on your own, my calculator doesnt do that it says "syntax error" because of the decimal point.

What is the scientific notation of 0.00061?

0.00061 = 6.1x10^-4 (decimal point moved 4 places to the right) also written 6.1E-4

How do you work out how to write four hundredths as a decimal?

The way to write 4 hundredths is like this 0.04

What is the decimal notation for 4 and 2 over 5?

4 and 2/5 as a decimal is 4.4

4 tens and 3 hundredths as a decimal?

40.03 4 tens and 3 hundredths 0.43 4 tenths and 3 hundredths

How do you write 4 and 66 hundredths in decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal, 4 66/100 is equal to 4.66.

how do i write 4/10 as hundreths in decimal form?

4/10 as hundredths is 40/100. In decimal form it is 0.4.

How do you write 4 one hundredths as a decimal?