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missionary groups normally actually do stuff

He was tired of taking white men's chances

She doesn't completely hate blacks and she is mentally strong.

Both didn't do anything. mr Underwood thought is was a sin cause Tom is a cripple

Jem threatens Scout cause of what she knows

every one is criticizing Hitler when their parents did the same to Tom

He still is pissed at the trial's outcome.

Getting a job and fired. breaking into Judges house. stalked Helen he still is a bad person.

Peeps hid tutti and frutti's furniture

dark night. Halloween. jem kept thinking he heard somthing. scout knowing jem was seriious. scout heard the

he never di d anything badto the children


Boo shouldn't be given credit cause he doesn't want attention

doesn't make sense to kill a bird as it would be to give boo unwanted attention.

let him touch jem and she walked him home

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Q: What is 4 multiplied by the square of 6?
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