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okay first you convert 5 and 1 over 4 to an improper fraction by multiplying 5x4 which is 20 than you add 20+1 which is 21 then you just simply put 21 over 4 as your new fraction.Then now what you are really answering is 4 over 7 divided by 21 over 4.Then you keep the first fraction the way it is and you change the division sign to a multiplication sign and you do the reciprocal to the last fraction that simply means you have to switch the top number and the bottom number which will make it into 4 over 21 then you just simply multiply strait across.

4x4 which is 16 then you multiply 7x21 which is 147.And there's your answer!....16 over 147

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Q: What is 4 over 7 divided by 5 1 over 4?
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