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Sorry it's soooooo long.

And if you ever want to find a fraction's decimal equivalent, just divide the numerator by the denominator (e.g. for two thirds you would divide 2 by 3)

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Q: What is 4 thirteenths as a decimal?
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What is five thirteenths as a decimal?

{| |- | 0.384615 |}

What is nine thirteenths as a decimal?


What is negative two thirteenths as a decimal?

-0.153846 repeating

What is 9 thirteenths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, 9/13 = 0.692307 recurring (that is, 0.692307692307...)

What is '56' divided by '13'?


How do you write two and nine thirteenths as a decimal?

2 9/13 written as a decimal is 2.692307 repeating

What is minus six thirteenths as a decimal?

-6/13 = -0.461538 recurring (that is, -0.461538461538...)

What is two thirteenths of two?


What is eight thirteenths as a decimal? infinitum. You arrive at this answer by dividing 8 by 13.

What is four thirteenths of 13?

what is four thirteenths of 13

What is three fourths times twelve thirteenths?

Expressed in its simplest form, 3/4 x 12/13 = 9/13 or nine thirteenths.

Which is greater one half or three thirteenths?

One half is greater than three thirteenths - expressed as a decimal, 1/2 is equal to 0.5, while 3/13 is equal to 0.230769 recurring (that is, 0.230769230769...)

What is 3 and seven thirteenths as a fraction?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 3 7/13 is equal to 3.538461 recurring (that is, 3.538461538461...)

Is twelve thirteenths bigger or one third?

Twelve thirteenths is larger

What is twenty six multiplied by the fraction four thirteenths?


What is six thirteenths in decimal form?

6/13 is a non-terminating decimal, it repeats the digits 461538, ie 6/13 = 0.461538461538461538... Normally this is rounded to a few decimal places, for example to give 6/13 ≈ 0.4615

Divide a circle into thirteenths?

To divide a circle into thirteenths, divide it into thirteen equal portions, or pieces.

What is 12 divided by 6.5?


Can the fraction Five thirteenths be reduced?


What is 10 thirteenths as a percent?


Which is bigger eleven tweflths or twelves thirteenths?

Convert the fractions to a common denominator to compare them. Or divide 11 / 12, and 12 / 13, in a calculator, and compare the decimal equivalents.

What is 43 divided by 13 in fraction form?


Is five thirteenths in its simplest form?


How is three thirteenths written as a percent?


What is the decimal for 7 - 4?

decimal for 7/4 = 1.757/4:= 7 ÷ 4= 1.75 in decimal