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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is 4 to the power of 3 to the square root of 32 minus 3 to the power of 3 to the square root of 108 plus power to the 3 to the square root of 256 simplify to?
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Simplify 2 minus square root of 5 times 4 plus square root of 5?


Simplify this expression 13 plus minus 12 minus minus 5 equals?


How do you simplify this expression 3 a plus b minus 3 a minus b?


Simplify 9a plus 8 minus 2a minus 3 minus 5a?


Simplify 1over3x plus 2 plus 1overx-5?

6xsquared minus 26x minus 5 over 3xsquared minus 15x

How do you simplify 7a plus 3b minus 4a minus 5b in trig?

3a - 2b

What does the plus over the minus sign mean?

plus or minus. You see it often with square roots. The square root of 9 is plus or minus 3.

When you square a minus number does it stay a minus?

No, it becomes a plus, since minus x minus = plus

How do you simplify 6 x squared minus 2x plus 5 plus 2 x squared minus 7x - 11?


What is formula for a minus b and a plus b?

a square minus b square

Simplify fully 4a plus 5b minus 2a plus b?


Simplify 6 times 42 plus 6 minus 6 plus 10?


What is the square root of x to the power of 2 minus 14x plus 49?

(x - 7) is.

How do you simplify 5 plus 17 times 3 minus 12?


Simplify this expression 13 plus - 12 minus -5 equals?


How do you simplify -8- -3?

minus a minus is plus, so it's -8 + 3, which is 3 - 8, or -5

How do you simplify (-5q2p)3?

minus a minus is plus, so it's -8 + 3, which is 3 - 8, or -5

How do you simplify -4x plus 9x equals?

minus 4 plus 9 = 5, so 5x

How to simplify -3p to the 3rd power plus 5p plus -2p to the 2nd power plus -4 minus - 12p plus 5 minus -8p to the 3rd power.?

Assuming this is your original formula: -3p3+ 5p + -2p2 + -4 - -12p + 5 - -8p3You combine like terms, where the p exponent is the same, to produce:5p3 - 2p2 + 17p + 1

What do you square to get 225?

plus or minus 15

Could be plus or minus?

A square root.

What is 8 x plus 2 minus 4x plus 7 simplified as?

This would simplify as 4x-5

Simplify the expression 4 g minus 2 h minus 8 h plus 3 g?


Why can't you simplify the square root of x to the power of 2 plus 4?

ok lets let x=4. The square root of 4 to the 2nd power + 4= 8. The square root and power of 2 cancel out? Is that what you mean?

How do you solve 4 square root 6 plus 3 square root 2 minus 2 square root 5?

Multiply the entire expression by a least common multiple and then simplify the expression. In this case, the least common multiple is 30 so multiply the entire expression by 30 and simplify.