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There are 60 minutes in one hour. Therefore, 5000 centimetres per minute is equal to 5000 x 60 = 300000 centimetres per hour.

There are 1000 x 100 = 100000 centimetres in one kilometre. Therefore, 300000 centimetres per hour is equal to 300000/100000 = 3 kilometres per hour.

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Q: What is 5000 centimeters per minute in kilometers per hour?
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24.0 kilometers per hour equals how many centimeters per second?

24km per hour 400m per minute 666.66 (repeater) centimeters per second

A baby crawled to his mother at 2 meters per minute how many centimeters per hour did he crawl?

2 (meters/minute) x 100 (centimeters/meter) x 60 (minutes/hour) = (2 x 100 x 60) (meter - centimeter - minute / minute - meter - hour) = 12,000 centimeters / hour

What is 425 centimeters per hour equal to in inches per minute?

425 centimeters per hour equals 2.8 (2.78871391) inches per minute.

How many centimeters can a hummingbird fly per hour if it flies 80 kilometers every hour?

1 kilometer = 100,000 centimeters So if it flies 80 kilometers every hour, it would fly 8,000,000 centimeters in an hour.

9 kilometers per hour in kilometers per minute?

Nine km per hour equates to 0.15 km per minute.

How do you convert kilometers per hour to kilometers per minute?

Take the kilometers per hour and divide by 60. (60 minutes in an hour)

What is 249 kph in kilometres per minute?

249 kilometers per hour = 4.15 kilometers per minute.

What is 0.7 kilometers per minute as kilometers per hour?

As we know that 1 hour consists of 60 minutesso, 1 minute would be of 1/60 hours (or 0.0166666666666667 hours approximately)Thus, 0.7 kilometers/minute can be written as0.7 kilometers/0.0166666666666667 hourswhich, on simplification (calculation) gives 42 kilometers per hour.Result42 kilometers per hour

What distance would a cockroach, crawling at a speed of 1.5 centimetres per second, cover in an hour?

To calculate the distance a cockroach, crawling at a speed of 1.5 centimeters per second, would cover in an hour, we need to convert the time from seconds to minutes and then to hours. There are 60 seconds in a minute, so the cockroach covers: 1.5 centimeters/second * 60 seconds/minute = 90 centimeters/minute. There are 60 minutes in an hour, so the cockroach covers: 90 centimeters/minute * 60 minutes/hour = 5400 centimeters/hour. Therefore, the cockroach would cover 5400 centimeters or 54 meters in an hour.

How much does 50 kilometers per hour equals how many centimeters per second?

50 kilometers per hour is equal to 13,888.9 centimeters per second.

When there are 72 kilometers per hour what is it is centimeters per second?

72 kilometers per hour = 2,000 cm per second.

How can you convert 5000 words per hour to words per minute?

Divide top and bottom by 60: 5000 / 60 = 83.33 / 1 = 83.33 words per minute