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0.5 m cubed

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Q: What is 50cm cubed in terms of m cubed?
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50cm how many m?

50cm is 0.5 metres

How do you Convert 243 cm cubed to m cubed?

1 cm cubed = 1 cm X 1 cm X 1 cm 1 cm = .01 m, so 1 cm cubed = .01 m X .01 m X .01 m Therefore, 1 cm cubed = .000001 m cubed, and 243 cm cubed = 243 X .000001 = .000243 m cubed. In summary, multiply cm cubed by .000001 to get m cubed.

How do you get 065 meters cubed to 1 meter cubed?

multiply 0.65 m cubed by 1.15 and you'll get 1 m cubed.

How many kg is 1 m cubed of rock?

This depends on the density of the rock. Density is measured in terms of kilograms per meter cubed, so if you know the density, then you have your answer.

50cm equals how many m?


Convert mm cubed to m cubed?

To convert 1 mm cubed to 1 m cubed simply remember that you also have to cube your conversion factor. This means that your equation is 1 mm^3(1 m/10^3 mm)^3. 1 mm cubed = 1.0 x 10^-9 m cubed.

How many cubed KM are in a cubed M?


What is 134.4 m cubed in standard form cm cubed?

13440 cm cubed.

If you have 50 mL of water how many cm cubed do you have?

1 ml=1cm^3 so you have 50cm^3

How many m cubed are in 1 millimeter cubed?


What is 50cm added to 50cm?

50cm added to 50cm = 100

What type of measurement is expressed in m cubed 2 words?

"m cubed" is meters cubed or cubic meters (always abbreviated m3). It is a unit of volume.

50cm is how many m?

50 centimetres = 0.5 metre

How many tiles of 50cm square needed to cover 2 m square?

Area of each tile = 50cm*50cm = 2500 cm2. Area to be covered = 2 m * 2 m = 200 cm * 200 cm = 40000 cm2 So, number of tiles required = 40000/2500 = 16

What would the dimensions in centimeters be of a block of wood that is 0.2 m by 0.2 m by 0.5 m?

20cm by 20cm by 50cm

How do you f ind volume of an object using water displacement method?

Fill a market beaker to a specific measured volume. (Eg. 50cm cubed, make sure you have not filled the beaker with water). Now place the object in the beaker with water. The water level should rise (Eg. from 50cm cubed to 60cm cubed). The difference in the original volume and the final volume is the volume of the object. That is the water displacement method.

50 cm equals how many m?

50cm is half of 1m

How many 50Cm pieces can be cut in 1meter?

1 m = 100 cm 50 cm / 100 cm = x m / 1 m x = 1/2 m Therefore, two 50cm pieces can be cut in 1 meter.

How many cubed m are in 500 cubed cm?

0.0005 cubic metres.

Convert 78.50cm cubed to m cubed?

All you gosta do is 78.5/1000000= .0000785

How many 50cm are there in 3m 50cm?


How many meters cubed in a kilometer cubed?

one billion because 1000 m = 1 km so there are 10003 = 1 billion meters cubed in a kilometer cubed.

What is 3.5m-50cm?

3.5m-50cm = -46.5

What is 150 centimeters equals m centimeters?

1m 50cm or 1.5m

How many liters in a m cubed?